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What's on the menu for Latvia's armed forces?
Latvia's military personnel should soon be enjoying that nice, full feeling thanks to the introduction of new and improved dry rations, the National Armed Forces (NBS) said June 22.
Can Latvia grow its buckwheat and eat it too?
Buckwheat has become a product of strategic importance in times of great unknowns – store shelves were quickly emptied at the beginning of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Though Latvia grows buckwheat, in shops, the country of origin is usually indicated as someplace else. Latvian Television's 4.studija aired on June 9 sought why.
Stockpiling food a growing trend, says survey
A survey by the Baltic supermarket chain Maxima suggests that stockpiling food remains popular among consumers even with the falling-away of epidemiological restrictions that prompted it during the Covid-19 pandemic.
We hereby declare 'cold soup' season open!
It is not the appearance of the sun, nor of the tulips, nor even of heavily-perspiring men in ill-fitting sandals that signals that summer has finally arrived in Latvia. It is the appearance of a luminous pink soup with a sliced boiled egg floating in the middle like an all-seeing eye with a sprig of dill as a garish eyelash garnish.
Cesvaine 'Russian' cheese no longer 'Russian'
The dairy producer Cesvaines piens (Cesvaine milk) has decided to rename its Krievijas or 'Russian' cheese to Tilzītes (Tilsiter), the company's representative Zane Baķe said April 25.
Four recipes for leftover Easter eggs
In case you are among those who have dyed and boiled enough eggs for a small village, LSM's Latvian language service offers four simple recipes with traditional and non-traditional Latvian ingredients to make your life easier.
Food Union cuts ties with Russia and Belarus
The Latvian-based food producer group Food Union has cut "all ties with partners and Russia and also in Belarus", Latvian Television's investigative broadcast Forbidden Method reported March 14.
No need to get salty, retailers assure public
Following the imposition of sanctions on Russia and Belarus, as well as the Ukrainian decision to ban exports of some food groups, stores have observed a spike in demand for foods with a long shelf life, especially salt. Retailers surveyed by regional television ReTV on March 8 say Latvia is not short of salt.
Latvia sixth in EU for organic farming
Latvia ranks in sixth place among European Union countries when it comes to the proportion of agricultural area used for organic farming, according to Eurostat data released February 22.
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