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Fish strives for a trademark in Burtnieki, Latvia
The zander of Burtnieks has been a value of the Lake Burtnieks (Burtnieku ezers, also called Burtnieks) for decades. This year, work has been started to develop the trademark of Burtnieks Zander (Burtnieku zandarts). An application has also been made for its inclusion in the register of protected geographical indications of the European Union, Latvian Radio reported December 21.
Latvian scientists work on whey packaging for cheese
Scientists from the Latvian University of Biosciences and Technologies (LBTU) are currently working on an innovative, biodegradable casing and packaging for cheese created from whey, LBTU Food Technology Department's lead researcher Sandra Muižniece-Brasava told Latvian Television on November 8. 
Bread price up, quality down due to energy prices, say experts
The rapid price increases of energy resources, minerals, and plant protection products also have a significant impact on the cost of grain cultivation. In the long term, this will also affect grain quality, and bread quality is likely to change, Latvian regional television ReTV reported on October 17.
More drinks to be included in deposit system as of June 2023
Bottles of syrups and some alcoholic beverages will be added to the range of packaging that can be deposited, according to amendments prepared by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and approved by the government, the Ministry said on September 20.
Farmers predict moderate potato harvest in Latvia
Potato harvest is in full swing across Latvia. Farmers estimate that the harvest would be better than last year but nothing too spectacular, Latvian Radio reported on September 8.
Why mushrooms should go into a basket, not a bag
Why it is important to collect mushrooms in a wicker basket and not in a plastic bag? This is a question that always occurs to novice mushroomers. Luckily an explanation is at hand thanks to LTV's "Pārtikas revidents" (Food inspector) show,
Beer production down slightly in 2021
Latvia laid off the beer slightly in 2021. According to figures published August 30 by Eurostat, domestic beer production fell from 75 million liters in 2020 to 74 million liters in 2021.
Cranberry season is red hot right now
While the Latvian love of mushroom-picking is well known, any canny mushroomer knows that when the mushrooms are refusing to show themselves (as has been the case during the current dry spell), it pays to keep an eye open for other sources of picking pleasure in forest and marsh.
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