Latvians abroad
Latvian paddles across the Pacific
The 2-year trip has ended. Latvian traveler, Kārlis Bardelis, may have become the first person to have crossed the Pacific Ocean alone in a paddle boat, without an engine, sails or an accompanying ship, reported Latvian Television on July 4.
Germans appreciate Latvian food: Sandra's store and story
At the beginning of May, a special store opened its doors in Bavaria, Germany. It is the only shop in Germany that sells exclusively Latvian-produced groceries. The owner, Sandra Balcere, spoke to on May 24 about her business.
About 1,000 Latvians remain outside EU, Rinkēvičs says
Latvians are being repatriated with charter flights from across Europe, but more than 1,000 remain outside the EU. Latvia is cooperating with other member countries to help these citizens return, said Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs appearing on Latvian Radio March 18.
Return to Valmiera: Now I'm a millionaire!
Valmiera native Jānis Uzāriņš has returned to Latvia after seven years in England, and regaining the feeling of home along with his family and career makes him feel like a millionaire, according to a Latvian Radio broadcast on February 13.
Bringing experience with UK financial regulator back to Latvia
Kristīne Dambe began her university studies in the United Kingdom in 2006 and eventually had a bright career with the national financial regulator, however after 11 years she decided to get off the island and bring her knowledge and experience back to Latvia, according to a Latvian Radio broadcast on February 11.
Returning from Denmark - happy to be home
Rūdolfs Kadakovskis left Latvia to study in Denmark after finishing high school, but now he has been back in Latvia for a year and a half and has learned a lot, according to Latvia Radio on January 26.
Latvian exile literature - a trip to the past
Latvian diaspora playwright and artist Raimonds Staprāns tool Latvian Television's “Literatūre” (“Literature Tour”) show on a tour of his common with fellow diaspora member and writer Anšlavs Eglītis past during the 1950s in Oregon in the first show of the new season on January 17.
Veber family returns from UK for the children's sake
In a few weeks Latvian wife Inesa and Russian, German dual citizen husband Dimitry will move from Leicester in the United Kingdom to Latvia, according to Latvian Television's “Panorāma” broadcast on January 13.
Talking to Latvians abroad about work opportunities in Latvia
Despite Latvia having more vacancies than people to fill them, there are several barriers that keep citizens from returning from abroad and entering the workforce. State institutions, employers, vacancy sites, as well as family and friends residing in Latvia need to work together to change the mindset and carry this news abroad, according to Latvian Radio.
New calendar of Latvian worldwide events launched
The Latvian Institute, the government-backed agency responsible for promoting Latvia's name internationally, has launched a new feature on its website to keep track of the many Latvia-related events happening all around the world.
Saeima supports streamlining residency declaration rules
Latvian nationals residing abroad will also in future be able to indicate their official address in Latvia in addition to their home address according to the first reading of amendments to the Law on Declaration of Place of Residence, approved by the Saeima on Thursday, September 12. 
Latvian rye bread conquers America
For ten years now, American stores have been selling rye-bread prepared according to a Latvian recipe. The bread is baked in a bakery shop located in Brooklyn, New York. It was introduced to the bakery by a Latvian-born professor at the University of Maryland, Jānis Melngailis. Latvian Television caught up with him at “Rodman's”, a chain store situated on the outskirts of Washington. 
Dublin to host four-day Latvian cultural festival
The second European Latvian Cultural Festival (ELKS) will be held in Dublin, Ireland, from 13 June to 16 June, organizers have confirmed. The event brings together artistic groups from all over Europe and beyond, with seventeen different countries set to be represented.
Rediscovering Latvian roots: an architect's story
With World War II refugees as his parents - a father from Latvia and a mother from Poland - American citizen Albert Zulps grew up in Canada. He works as an architect for Skanska, a multinational construction company. In 2019 Albert visited Latvia for the first time, determined to explore his roots while a guest lecturer at Rīga Technical University.