New ambassador to Latvian diaspora appointed
A new "Ambassador-at-Large for the Diaspora" has been appointed, with a brief to communicate with Latvia's large overseas population - and perhaps persuade a few to return home into the bargain.
Remigration pilot project has brought 64 families back to Latvia
The pilot project intended to promote remigration had brought 64 families back to Latvia by the end of July, Varis Putnins, a representative of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry, said at a meeting of the Vidzeme planning region’s development council on August 30. 
Young members of diaspora explore their Latvian roots
Members of Latvia's worldwide diaspora - some of them several generations removed from their ancestral homeland - are getting in touch with their roots at an intensive summer school in Rīga, reports Latvian Radio.
Saeima endorses Diaspora Bill
The Latvian parliament on May 24 endorsed the Diaspora Bill, which has been drawn up in order to help the Latvians residing in foreign countries strengthen their Latvian identity and sense of belonging to Latvia and maintain active and mutual cooperation with their native county.
Latvian rioter beaten in Czech jail, lawyer says
Ansis Ataols Bērziņš, sentenced to a prison term in Latvia for involvement the 2009 riots in Riga Old Town, was beaten up by jail wardens in Czech Republic where he was arrested last year, Bērziņš’ lawyer Janis Mucenieks said.
Diaspora communications policy considered
On 5 February, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a discussion on social media accessibility for the diaspora, cooperation with the diaspora media, public support for communication with the diaspora and the contents of public service remit concerning the diaspora and return migration related topics.
Latvia taps scientific expertise of diaspora

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said November 28 it has received the final version of a study by the University of Latvia’s Center for the Diaspora and Migration Studies (CDMS), entitled “Engagement and Cooperation with Diaspora Scientists”. The study identifies problems and possible solutions to promote engagement and cooperation with scientists from Latvia living abroad and scientists of Latvian descent.

Return of the diaspora: new dawn or false dawn?

The penultimate part of a series of articles by the Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism (Re:Baltica) was published October 18, with the possible future of Latvia's widespread diaspora under examination.

Latvians abroad are meeting up in Riga and Stockholm

On 27 July at the Saeima (the Latvian Parliament), a forum on informal cooperation between Latvians working for the European Union (EU) and other international organisations took place to discuss the best ways of cooperating with professionals who are employed outside Latvia and represent Latvia’s interests.

Ministry funds diaspora research

On 3 June, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Latvia signed an agreement in support of studies to be carried out by the Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research in 2017, the ministry said in a release.

'They were all crying': Latvian describes aftermath of Manchester blast

Several Latvian citizens, including teenagers, were at the concert venue in Manchester, northern England where a suspected terrorist attack was perpetrated on May 22. Local Latvian Jana Matulone related the scene she witnessed as she went to bring her daughter home from the concert, reported Latvian Radio.