Saeima supports streamlining residency declaration rules
Latvian nationals residing abroad will also in future be able to indicate their official address in Latvia in addition to their home address according to the first reading of amendments to the Law on Declaration of Place of Residence, approved by the Saeima on Thursday, September 12. 
Latvian rye bread conquers America
For ten years now, American stores have been selling rye-bread prepared according to a Latvian recipe. The bread is baked in a bakery shop located in Brooklyn, New York. It was introduced to the bakery by a Latvian-born professor at the University of Maryland, Jānis Melngailis. Latvian Television caught up with him at “Rodman's”, a chain store situated on the outskirts of Washington. 
Dublin to host four-day Latvian cultural festival
The second European Latvian Cultural Festival (ELKS) will be held in Dublin, Ireland, from 13 June to 16 June, organizers have confirmed. The event brings together artistic groups from all over Europe and beyond, with seventeen different countries set to be represented.
Rediscovering Latvian roots: an architect's story
With World War II refugees as his parents - a father from Latvia and a mother from Poland - American citizen Albert Zulps grew up in Canada. He works as an architect for Skanska, a multinational construction company. In 2019 Albert visited Latvia for the first time, determined to explore his roots while a guest lecturer at Rīga Technical University.
Cabinet approves international development plan
On 2 April 2019, the Latvian Cabinet approved the Development Cooperation Policy Plan for 2019 drawn up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The plan sets out Latvia’s Development Cooperation Policy Guidelines for 2016–2020.
New ambassador to Latvian diaspora appointed
A new "Ambassador-at-Large for the Diaspora" has been appointed, with a brief to communicate with Latvia's large overseas population - and perhaps persuade a few to return home into the bargain.
Remigration pilot project has brought 64 families back to Latvia
The pilot project intended to promote remigration had brought 64 families back to Latvia by the end of July, Varis Putnins, a representative of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry, said at a meeting of the Vidzeme planning region’s development council on August 30. 
Young members of diaspora explore their Latvian roots
Members of Latvia's worldwide diaspora - some of them several generations removed from their ancestral homeland - are getting in touch with their roots at an intensive summer school in Rīga, reports Latvian Radio.
Saeima endorses Diaspora Bill
The Latvian parliament on May 24 endorsed the Diaspora Bill, which has been drawn up in order to help the Latvians residing in foreign countries strengthen their Latvian identity and sense of belonging to Latvia and maintain active and mutual cooperation with their native county.
Latvian rioter beaten in Czech jail, lawyer says
Ansis Ataols Bērziņš, sentenced to a prison term in Latvia for involvement the 2009 riots in Riga Old Town, was beaten up by jail wardens in Czech Republic where he was arrested last year, Bērziņš’ lawyer Janis Mucenieks said.
Diaspora communications policy considered
On 5 February, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a discussion on social media accessibility for the diaspora, cooperation with the diaspora media, public support for communication with the diaspora and the contents of public service remit concerning the diaspora and return migration related topics.