Colder weather to set in on Tuesday
Monday will be this week's warmest day as on Tuesday a cold weather system will cross the country, bringing clouds, rain and of course colder air temperatures, forecasts say.
Much warmer weather ahead
It seems that following considerable snowfall over recent days, the weather is about to undergo a rapid turnaround into warm, spring weather.
Northern Lights make another appearance
The beautiful natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights returned to Latvian skies over the weekend, with photographers staking out their vantage points in freezing temperatures to capture the magic.
Fluctuating weather week ahead
Latvia is in for a week of contrasting weather patterns with rather cold temperatures at the start of the week followed by rather warm ones toward the end.
Riga covered by stink cloud
Due to cold and tranquil weather, Riga is covered by smog. Visibility is reduced, and the sky has assumed a tinge of gray, reports LSM's weather man Toms Bricis February 23. 
Big freeze ahead for Latvia
Lag those pipes and darn those socks, because according to weather forecasters Latvia is about to head into the chiller.
Normal week weather-wise with thaw towards the end
A fairly unexceptional week is expected weather-wise in Latvia. Temperatures will generally be slightly above last week's chilly days, with the western Kurzeme region considerably milder than the rest of the country, which will continue to remain sub-zero apart from on Monday when a partial thaw might take place.
Prepare for winter's coldest week
Dig out your thermal underwear because according to weather forecasters, this is likely to be the coldest week of the winter so far.
Snow to bid farewell again
True winter will continue to tease Latvia this week with the current snow cover likely to melt and considerably warmer temperatures on the way, according to LSM weather guru Toms Bricis.
Cold and snowy week ahead
This week is forecast to be snowy in Latvia with blizzards in store and the snow cover growing slowly over the country, reports LSM's Latvian-language service.
Cold and calm week in store
This week will be calm and dry and, starting from the latter half of the week, it will also be quite cold, forecasts say. 
'White' or 'gray' Christmas in store for Latvia?
The question on everyone's mind this year-end is whether there'll be a white snowy Christmas, or will nature turn all the expected snow into a gray slush mirroring the sky this time of the year.
Snow set to go by end of week

The snow which has fallen on much of Latvia in recent days will linger a few more days, weather forecasters said December 4.

Heavy snow to hit Latvia

Intense snowfall is expected to hit Latvia in the next several days, with a blanket of snow to cover the country, plus the weather to get very cold starting Sunday, reports LSM. 

Seven cm of pure white snow

Latvia's northern and eastern reaches were covered in snow on October 25 with the thickest snow blanket of a whopping seven centimeters recorded in Gulbene as well as the Līvāni municipality, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Weather promises clear skies until midweek

In the first half of the week, the weather in Latvia will remain sunny and warm, but in the second half of the week, days will be colder and cloudier in most parts, according to weatherman Toms Bricis.

Rainiest September this century recorded in Latvia

From September 1 to September 19 there has been 121 mm of rainfall recorded in Latvia, making it the rainiest September this century against an average of 71 mm of weather that usually falls this month, according to data by the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.