Local heat records fall on Valentine's Day
On Thursday afternoon, temperatures in Rīga reached +6.1C, which is a repeated heat record for February 14, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Wet week of thaw in store
The weather week is set to buck the trend of mid-February being the coldest time of the year with Spring-like conditions arriving early, according to forecasters.
Week starts with winter whiteout
The working week in Latvia got off to a tricky start February 4 with heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions making travel treacherous.
Sunny, frosty winter week ahead
The next five days in Latvia will be characterized by consistently sub-zero temperatures, but good snow cover and frequently sunny skies should add up to a pleasant and pretty winter week.
Week of snow and wind ahead
The week starting January 14 will bring with it a considerable amount of fresh snowfall and at times even snowstorms, say forecasters.
Frosty week probably ahead in Latvia
Earlier predictions that this week's weather would see-saw between frost and thaw have been revised by forecasters who now believe it will be a more stable - and colder - week.
The rise and fall of the weekend temperatures
It will be a weekend of weather contrasts in Latvia over coming days with the current snow cover starting to melt on Saturday before temperatures drop and everything freezes up again.
Another windy day in store Thursday
While serious storm and blizzard conditions experienced on Wednesday have reduced somewhat, Thursday in Latvia is set to be another windy, and in many places snowy, day according to forecasters.
Storm warning in coastal areas of Baltic Sea
One of the strongest storms of the century so far is currently raging in the Baltic Sea is raging, and it will also affect Latvia a little, bringing strong winds and blizzard conditions to some coastal areas, warns weatherman Toms Bricis.
Today is the drabbest and grayest day
November 7 is the drabbest, or the least changeable and contrasting day in the year, according to historical data by Latvia's Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Latvia's golden days
October 13-14 provided one of the most spectacular weekends of autumnal beauty in memory with warm, summer-like temperatures and the changing colors of the leaves laying on a treat for the senses.
Ideal leaf-watching weather this week!
The outlook for this week may be potentially stormy as far as politics are concerned, but the weather is expected to be excellent with an unseasonably warm and sunny seven days expected, say forecasters.
September 19 hottest on record
On September 19 temperatures of +27 to +28C were recorded in Zemgale and Rīga, surpassing the previous heat record, set on September 19, 1975, according to data by Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Big chill expected to arrive next week
While the next few days in Latvia are expected to be warm, next week will bring a considerable fall in temperatures, according to the latest forecasts.