Rainy, chilly week in prospect
This weather week will not be a classic in Latvia, according to forecasters who say the first days will be characterized by considerable rainfall with even the prospect of frost later in the week.
Snow falls in Vidzeme
On the morning of May 3, snowfall was recorded in the Vidzeme cultural region, northeastern Latvia.
National heat record falls
On April 26 a new national heat record was set with temperatures over +25.8C recorded in Pāvilosta, western Latvia.
Hot week ahead
A hot week is ahead of Latvia but temperatures will plunge starting Sunday.
Wet weather week ahead
Spring sunshine is likely to be in short supply this week, with weather conditions set to continue in their wet and windy style for a while more, according to forecasters.
Wet and windy weather week awaits
On Monday, the weather in Latvia will become warmer, but in the afternoon and evening there will be heavy rain, according to forecasts.
Local heat records fall on Valentine's Day
On Thursday afternoon, temperatures in Rīga reached +6.1C, which is a repeated heat record for February 14, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Wet week of thaw in store
The weather week is set to buck the trend of mid-February being the coldest time of the year with Spring-like conditions arriving early, according to forecasters.
Week starts with winter whiteout
The working week in Latvia got off to a tricky start February 4 with heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions making travel treacherous.