Snowy weekend ahead in Latvia
On the last Saturday and Sunday of November, there will be more snowfall in Latvia, according to forecasts.
No stepping on the ice in Rīga
As of November 24 it is prohibited to step on the ice of water bodies and seaside waters in the administrative territory of Rīga, said the Rīga City Council.
Snow and -10 C expected soon in Latvia
On Sunday morning and at the beginning of the next week, the air temperature in places, especially Vidzeme and Latgale, will be around -10 C and a layer of snow will also cover the ground, according to the latest forecasts.
Warm weekend ahead in Latvia
On Saturday, new heat records will be hit in Latvia, according to forecasts by weatherman Toms Bricis.
Sunny start, rainy end to weather week
The second half of the week in Latvia will be rainy. According to long-term forecasts, October in general will be rather wet and moderately Latvia will be raining more often in the second half of this week, according to forecasts.
Weekend weather: not much change
The weather this weekend and indeed until the end of September will remain pretty much as it is now, according to the latest forecasts.
Chilly nights ahead in Latvia
In the second half of the week, weather will become drier in Latvia, but nights will grow more chilly, according to forecasts.
Warmer but rainy weather week in Latvia
Rains are expected more often this week in Latvia and there will be no frost at nights, according to forecasts by LSM's weatherman Toms Bricis.
Record-cold mornings ahead in Latvia
Cold records are expected in Latvia in the coming nights, but the weather will become warmer in the middle of the month, according to forecasts.
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