Chilly start, mild end to this weather week in Latvia
Many places in Latvia woke up to a strong frost Monday morning and while something similar can be expected on Tuesday as well, the second half of the week promises to be considerably warmer, according to weather forecasters.
Autumn foliage to disappear next week
The golden autumn is to end early this year as temperatures are to slide below zero, prompting arboreal defoliation across the country, according to forecasts, reported LETA October 4.
Heating season starts early in Rīga
Heating season has started early in Rīga with 6% of clients – as of now, mostly kindergartens and healthcare facilities – having their heat turned on as of September 23.
Sunny but chilly weather week ahead for Latvia
During this working week, the weather in Latvia will be mostly sunny, if a bit chilly at night, until wetter conditions return from the west just in time for next weekend, according to forecasters.
Cooler temperatures, some rain ahead this week
Following a very pleasant final few days of August and first couple of days of September, a cold front is expected to arrive over Latvian territory September 2 bringing cooler and cloudier weather for much of the week.
Pleasant weather week ahead
This week's weather in Latvia will be generally pleasant, according to LSM's resident forecaster, Toms Bricis.
Unexceptional weather week awaits
This week's weather in Latvia will not be a classic, with moderate temperatures, a fair amount of rain and generally uninspiring if undramatic conditions across the country, according to forecasters.
Chilly start to a mainly pleasant summer week
Early in the morning, temperatures in Kurzeme and Vidzeme regions dropped to between +3 Celsius and +5 C, making it the coldest August 5 morning on record, according to information from the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology.
July weather disappoints so far after stunning June
The first ten-day period of July was one of the coldest on record, furthermore, precipitation amounts were substantially higher than the norm, according to Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center reported by the LETA newswire.
VIDEO: Whirlwind spotted near Iecava
On Monday evening, July 8, a whirlwind was forming in the vicinity of Iecava, according to eyewitness accounts on social media, reported LSM's Latvian service on July 8. 
Cold week ahead, say forecasters
The weather in Latvia will remain cool throughout the week with potential cold records expected in the second half of the week, according to forecasters. 
Whirlwind devastates houses in Bērzpils parish
On Saturday afternoon, July 6, a whirlwind damaged several houses in the Bērzpils parish of Balvi region, head of the Bērzpils parish administration Biruta Bogdane told LETA on July 7. 
June 2019 was hottest and driest in Latvian history
The average temperature last month was +18.6 degrees Celsius, or 3.8 degrees above normal. This June, then, has proved to be the hottest June ever recorded in Latvia, as in the rest of world, according to the data collected by the Latvian Environment, Geology, and Meteorology Center, reported LSM's Latvian service on June 3.
Cold and sometimes wet week ahead, say forecasters
Monday July 1 will continue the current trend of warm and sunny weather, but make the most of it while you can - the rest of the week will be significantly colder and significantly wetter, according to forecasters.