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A windy, warm weekend awaits
The weekend weather will be moderately warm, but generally windy an with occasional rain, according to forecasts.
Heat to persist in Latvia; medics plead with public to be careful
The heat in Latvia is not going to stop yet, and it is very likely that it will even intensify. Medics are worried about a growing number of heat-related health issues and ask people to take care of their own and their children's safety, Latvian Television reported July 8.
Thursday will bring thunder and heat
On Thursday, strong thunderstorms are expected in Latvia, with the highest probability in Zemgale and Vidzeme, including Rīga, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center (LĢVMC).
Weather week: same again as warm weather continues
The weather in Latvia this week will be similar to the weather last week, according to the latest forecasts from the Latvian Environment, Geology, and Meteorology Center (LVĢMC). In short, that means warm weather with occasional rain showers and thunderstorms.
Night-time heat record set in Rīga
Temperatures in Rīga did not drop below 24 degrees Celsius overnight, which is the first time in history that temperatures at night did not drop below 24 degrees Celsius in Latvia, according to the Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center.
Extreme heat warning across Latvia
In assessing the latest weather forecasts, the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center on Saturday, June 19 issued a red extreme heat warning for the whole territory of Latvia.
Heat wave reaches Latvia
On June 17, 18 and 19, Latvia is expected to experience high heat – air temperature will reach +27 C to +30 C in most places.
First day of June will bring +20 degrees
On Tuesday, June 1, the temperature will climb to +20 degrees Celsius, according to information from Latvian Environment, Geology, and Meteorology Center (LĢVMC).
Weekend weather: some sun at last?
The prolonged rain of the last week has just about ended, and the beginning of June will be mostly sunny and dry, according to LSM weatherman Toms Bricis. It's a prediction that we fervently hope proves to be accurate.
Wednesday will bring heavy rain and flood
On Tuesday afternoon Latvia will be reached by rainclouds coming from the south-west, and rain will continue through the night and the next day, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center (LĢVMC).
Saturday will be warmest day of the week
The warmest and sunniest weather of the week is expected on Saturday, but conditions will remain changeable until the end of the month, according to forecasts by weatherman Toms Bricis.
Warm, wet weather week awaits
After a pleasantly sunny few days in many parts of the country, the new working week will bring with it lots of cloud and considerable quantities of rain, according to forecasters.
Weekend will be warm and pleasant
Weather conditions in Latvia will improve and become warmer during the holidays, according to forecasts by LSM's weatherman Toms Bricis.

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