Warmer end to the week beckons
The second half of the week here in Latvia will become sunnier and warmer than the first, but the temperature will fall again from Sunday, according to forecasts.
Cooler weather on the way for weekend
The current warm temperatures will continue through Friday, with cloudier and cooler weather expected on Saturday and Sunday, but temperatures will rise again next week, meteorologists predict according to the LETA news agency.
July was third-hottest on record
Anyone who was in Latvia in July will know it was a hot one - and according to the official keepers of the country's weather records, the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center, it was the third hottest on record.
Brief respite, then heatwave to return
This week the weather in Latvia will be cooler than during the recent heatwave, but the respite will be temporary with very hot temperatures returning midweek. 
Heatwave won't last much longer
The heatwave, ongoing in Latvia since late July, is to recede soon with significantly cooler weather to set in, forecasts say.
More hot weather ahead this week
The last week of July will see hot weather continue to hold sway across the whole of Latvia, according to forecasters, with only the occasional thunderstorm to provide relief from the heatwave.
Warm weather to return to Latvia later in week
While the Midsummer celebrations ended on a wet note across much of Latvia, the working week should see a gradual return of hot weather, says LSM's ever-reliable weatherman Toms Bricis.
May on course to be warmest ever recorded
After a few scattered rain showers May 23, the remainder of the month is expected to continue dry and sunny, with odds shortening that it could end up the sunniest May on record. 
Somewhat rainy but summery week ahead
After a couple of balmy holidays, this week will be a bit more cloudy. Rain is in the forecast, but temperatures are to remain summery, reports LSM's weather man Toms Bricis.
Summer arrives in Latvia a month early
After a glorious holiday weekend, this week in many parts of Latvia the average daily air temperature will rise above +15 degrees, effectively marking the start of meteorological summer, according to LSM's forecaster Toms Bricis.
Cool and windy week ahead
After a comparatively warm Monday, temperatures will drop, with windy and cloudy days ahead for Latvia, reported LSM's weather man Toms Bricis. 
Colder weather to set in on Tuesday
Monday will be this week's warmest day as on Tuesday a cold weather system will cross the country, bringing clouds, rain and of course colder air temperatures, forecasts say.
Much warmer weather ahead
It seems that following considerable snowfall over recent days, the weather is about to undergo a rapid turnaround into warm, spring weather.
Northern Lights make another appearance
The beautiful natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights returned to Latvian skies over the weekend, with photographers staking out their vantage points in freezing temperatures to capture the magic.
Fluctuating weather week ahead
Latvia is in for a week of contrasting weather patterns with rather cold temperatures at the start of the week followed by rather warm ones toward the end.
Riga covered by stink cloud
Due to cold and tranquil weather, Riga is covered by smog. Visibility is reduced, and the sky has assumed a tinge of gray, reports LSM's weather man Toms Bricis February 23. 
Big freeze ahead for Latvia
Lag those pipes and darn those socks, because according to weather forecasters Latvia is about to head into the chiller.