Today is the drabbest and grayest day
November 7 is the drabbest, or the least changeable and contrasting day in the year, according to historical data by Latvia's Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Latvia's golden days
October 13-14 provided one of the most spectacular weekends of autumnal beauty in memory with warm, summer-like temperatures and the changing colors of the leaves laying on a treat for the senses.
Ideal leaf-watching weather this week!
The outlook for this week may be potentially stormy as far as politics are concerned, but the weather is expected to be excellent with an unseasonably warm and sunny seven days expected, say forecasters.
September 19 hottest on record
On September 19 temperatures of +27 to +28C were recorded in Zemgale and Rīga, surpassing the previous heat record, set on September 19, 1975, according to data by Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Big chill expected to arrive next week
While the next few days in Latvia are expected to be warm, next week will bring a considerable fall in temperatures, according to the latest forecasts.
September set fair for a couple of weeks
September may mark the start of fall to many, but summer weather will remain in Latvia and continue until about mid-September in most parts of the country, according to forecasts.
Warmer end to the week beckons
The second half of the week here in Latvia will become sunnier and warmer than the first, but the temperature will fall again from Sunday, according to forecasts.
Cooler weather on the way for weekend
The current warm temperatures will continue through Friday, with cloudier and cooler weather expected on Saturday and Sunday, but temperatures will rise again next week, meteorologists predict according to the LETA news agency.
July was third-hottest on record
Anyone who was in Latvia in July will know it was a hot one - and according to the official keepers of the country's weather records, the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center, it was the third hottest on record.
Brief respite, then heatwave to return
This week the weather in Latvia will be cooler than during the recent heatwave, but the respite will be temporary with very hot temperatures returning midweek. 
Heatwave won't last much longer
The heatwave, ongoing in Latvia since late July, is to recede soon with significantly cooler weather to set in, forecasts say.
More hot weather ahead this week
The last week of July will see hot weather continue to hold sway across the whole of Latvia, according to forecasters, with only the occasional thunderstorm to provide relief from the heatwave.
Warm weather to return to Latvia later in week
While the Midsummer celebrations ended on a wet note across much of Latvia, the working week should see a gradual return of hot weather, says LSM's ever-reliable weatherman Toms Bricis.
May on course to be warmest ever recorded
After a few scattered rain showers May 23, the remainder of the month is expected to continue dry and sunny, with odds shortening that it could end up the sunniest May on record.