Weekend weather: super summer conditions
The next few days should see some classic summer weather over Latvia with the air temperature rising to between +24 Celsius and  + 30 Celsius during the days, with one to two degrees colder weather along the coast, forecasters predict.
Weather week in Latvia: cool start, warm and dry finish
At the beginning of the week, the weather in Latvia will be cool and rain is expected, but from Wednesday conditions will improve and there will be a sunnier and warmer period, according to the forecast of LSM's resident weatherman Toms Bricis.
Wetter weather week awaits in Latvia
June may have worked hard to convince us of its tropical credentials with high temperatures, thunderstorms and plenty of sunshine, but July is likely to take a lower-key approach to the continuation of summer, according to the latest forecasts.
Warm weather week as Midsummer beckons
The week leading up to the all-important Midsummer celebrations in Latvia will be a warm one, though punctuated by bursts of rain, according to forecasts.
Coldest May since 1999 recorded
To those who tried spending time outdoors, it might not come as a surprise that this past May was the coldest since 1999, with the average temperature of just +9.5C, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Weather week in Latvia: gradually getting warmer
Sunshine and showers will be the best summary of Monday's weather conditions across Latvia, with the rest of this week gradually improving before becoming a true summer spell throughout next week, according to forecasters.
Mid-May snow in east of Latvia
Predictions that Latvia would receive a dusting of snow on May 12 proved accurate - though the snowfall was mainly limited to the east of the country.
Cool end to week but warm weekend beckons
The next couple of days in Latvia will be relatively cool, weather-wise, but a warm and welcoming weekend will provide relief immediately afterwards, according to forecasters.
Warm week to be followed by chilly Easter
This week the weather in Latvia will present some striking contrasts, with balmy temperatures f around +20 Celsius on Tuesday followed up by a chilly and possibly snowy Easter weekend.
Challenging weather week ahead
This week the cold will recede somewhat in Latvia, but starting Wednesday it will be snowy, rainy and quite windy, forecasts say.
Meteor sighting above Latvia
On Wednesday, March 25 several eyewitnesses posted on social media about a meteor sighting in the sky above Latvia, and a Latvian Television livestream camera managed to capture the sight from the Rīga city center.
Weather week to get warm at weekend
Warm weather is expected later this week, though the downside is people should only enjoy it while observing social distancing measures during the coronavirus outbreak.
Storm kills two people
On Thursday, March 12 a powerful storm tore through Latvia leaving two people dead due to high winds, according to Latvian news agency LETA on March 12.
Signs of spring at Pape Nature Park
The signs that spring has returned to Pape Nature Park include spring floods, the birth of the first calves, and the return of the white wagtails, wild geese, cranes and other birds, according to park manager Ints Mednis on February 27.
Weather week in Latvia: a little touch of winter
The final week of February is expected to bring a bit of frost and snow to remind everyone of the weather that's usually expected at this time of year but has so far been notable by its absence.