Weather week: gray, misty and getting colder
During the first working week of 2021, precipitation and gray, sometimes misty conditions are expected in Latvia, while the air temperature will not change significantly, according to weather forecasters.
Weather week: A slightly warmer New Year approaches
Following a picture-postcard white Christmas in much of Latvia, the end of 2020 and start of 2021 will see the weather in Latvia will become warmer, with frequent precipitation, according to the latest forecasts.
Latvia may still get a partially White Christmas
Though most of Latvia woke on Thursday to a slightly gray morning, precipitation will cross Latvia from the southwest through the day, with sleet and snow expected. It may even snow heavily in places, delivering an eleventh-hour white christmas. 
2020 almost certain to be warmest year on record
This week the weather in Latvia will be frosty and cold on working days but will warm up again as next weekend approaches with a weather system arriving from the Mediterranean, according to the latest forecasts.
Weather week: We may see snow next weekend
The current clement conditions will remain in place across Latvia until the second half of this week, after which things will get much colder, according to the latest forecasts.
Weekend weather: mild with some sunshine
The weather this weekend in Latvia will be a stable and undramatic affair with fairly pleasant conditions for a spot of Autumnal leaf-watching, according to the latest forecasts.
Weekend weather: Fantastic Fall for all!
The weather over the weekend of September 26-27 promises to be fantastic, and combined with Latvia's annual Fall forest color show could produce days to live long in the memory.
Strong winds keep fire crews busy
Latvia got a bit of a battering on the evening of August 17 with strong winds causing some damage with winds reaching an average 25 meters per second in Ventspils and coastal areas bearing the brunt of the blast.
A see-saw weather week in store
This week promises to be a topsy-turvy affair weather-wise with summery sun, raging winds and wintry chill within the space of a few days, according to LSM weatherman Toms Bricis.
Weather week in Latvia: a mixed bag
This week the weather over Latvia will be a mixed bag with midweek sunshine followed by more unsettled conditions, according to the latest forecast from the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center (LVĢMC).

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