Saeima okays 2021 budget in first reading
Saeima on Wednesday, October 28, conceptually approved next year's budget bill, the medium-term budget framework framework for 2021, 2022 and 2023, as well as budget-related amendments to 28 laws. 
Saeima committee demands more from government's minimum income plans
Government proposals for the revision of the minimum income level in Latvia are more reminiscent of accounting calculations than real innovations in social protection according to deputies on the Social and Labor Affairs Committee of the Saeima on Tuesday, August 4, after examining the Ministry of Welfare's ideas for raising the guaranteed minimum income (GMI) level.  
Saeima supports visa revocation for quarantine violations
If a foreigner in Latvia has violated the rules of isolation, self-isolation or quarantine, he or she will be subject to the revocation of a temporary residence permit or a visa. These measures, previously agreed by the government, were supported by Latvia's parliament, the Saeima, in a first reading July 21.
Saeima okays Economic Affairs Court creation
On Wednesday, June 17, the Saeima adopted amendments to the Law on Judicial Power, which introduced the Economic Affairs Court as a specialised district (city) court, the Saeima Press Service said.
Saeima decides on COVID-19 laws after emergency
On Friday, June 5, the Saeima decided on a number of laws and amendments that will regulate restrictions and support in the Covid-19 crisis after the end of the emergency, namely after June 9.
COVID-19 draft law conceptually supported by Saeima
The Saeima in the first reading conceptually supported and acknowledged as urgent a draft law intending to regulate the situation of COVID-19 in Latvia after the end of emergency on June 9, Latvian Radio reported on June 4. 
All Saeima deputies to be tested for coronavirus
Jurijs Perevoščikovs, head of the Infectious Disease Risk Analysis and Prevention Department at the Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC), told members of the press March 21 that all 100 Saeima members will be tested for the Covid-19 coronavirus after MP Artuss Kaimiņš tested positive for the virus.
One week on, Saeima still debating regional reforms
To the outside world today is March 12 but as far as Latvia's parliament, the Saeima, is concerned, it is still March 5 - because one week on, the contentious debate on regional administrative reform is still rumbling on.
Saeima on day three of regional reform debate
Saeima deputies returned to the question of the government's proposed regional administrative reforms March 10 with a third day of debate as they work through more than 300 proposed amendments to the controversial legislation.
Estonia takes over Baltic Assembly duties from Latvia
Estonia has become the presiding country of the Baltic Assembly (BA), taking over for the next year from Latvia at the conclusion of the 38th session of the Assembly in Riga. The Baltic Assembly presidency is held on the principle of rotation.
Budget debate enters second day at Saeima
Debate over the form of Latvia's 2020 spending plans entered a second day November 14 following a marathon sitting November 13 that only managed to get a third of the way through the 29-item agenda.
Saiema conceptually approves regional reforms
On Thursday, November 7 the Law On Administrative Territories and Populated Areas was passed in the first reading by members of Saiema. According to the law, 39 municipalities will be created in place of the current 119 local municipalities by the next local elections.

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