Saeima committee urges ministry to get tough with Rīga city council
Saeima Public Expenditure and Audit Committee members on March 26 sharply criticized the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry for not being more active to change the situation at Riga municipal public transport company Rigas Satiksme, while the company's senior staff who attended the meeting were criticized for being too arrogant when answering the Saeima committee members' questions.
Minister survives last-gasp confidence vote
Economics Minister Arvils Ašeradens survived a parliamentary effort to force his resignation December 10 despite the likelihood he will only be in his job for a matter of days or weeks more at most. 
Explainer: Government formation in Latvia
Months after the October 6 parliamentary election, Latvia finally seems to be on the verge of installing a new cabinet. In this short piece we explain the process in which a government is put in place.
Mūrniece re-elected as Saeima speaker
Ināra Mūrniece (National Alliance) was re-elected Saeima chairwoman, the important speaker's position, on November 6, as the first order of business for the newly-elected members of the 13th Saeima.
Who are KPV LV's new MPs?
The KPV LV party won 16 seats at the 13th Saeima election. However, but a few of them are publicly known.
PM given a month to report on energy sector controversy
The Latvian parliament or Saeima on June 20 gave Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis (Greens and Farmers Union) a month to prepare a list of officials responsible for introduction of the flawed green energy subsidy system and the so-called Mandatory Purchase Component (MPC) of electricity bills.
"Oligarch conversations" commission winds up with warning
Corruption is in full force in Latvia and groups with limited membership pursuing their own economic interests often call the tune, said Inguna Sudraba (For Latvia from the Heart party), the chairwoman of the ad hoc parliamentary committee probing the so-called "oligarch affair".
"Oligarch conversations" report names no names
The Latvian ad hoc parliamentary committee probing the so-called "oligarch affair" says in its final report that it had spotted signs suggesting state capture but does not identify anyone by name.
Saeima moves on protection of national anthem

The Latvian parliament, the Saeima, on October 5 gave preliminary approval to a law that would outlaw sarcastic, satirical or potentially even criminally tuneless renditions of the Latvian national anthem, Dievs, svētī Latviju.

Initiative aims to remove parliamentary 'abstention' votes

On September 18 a public initiative signed by 11,200 Latvian residents will be submitted to the parliament, said public initiative site representative Annija Emersone. It aims to eliminate the unusual practice of allowing Saeima lawmakers to abstain from voting, in addition to the option of simply not participating in a given vote.

President and government on collision course over citizenship

Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis and the current government were put on a collision course September 12 with the president submitting proposals to parliament even though a member of the three-party ruling coalition said they would veto the proposals. 

Vējonis sends lawmaking wish-list to Saeima

Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis has sent a letter to parliament, the Saeima, listing various changes that he thinks should be made to the legislative process in order to improve its efficiency and quality.