Over 15,000 cast early vote in local elections
On the first day of the early vote in the municipal elections, May 31, over 15,000 people cast their vote, according to data compiled by the Central Election Commission (CVK).
Early voting dates for local elections
For voters who are unable to vote on the official election day, June 5, early voting will be open on May 31,  June 3 and 4, said the Central Election Commission (CVK) May 25. 
Court orders re-count of votes in three voting stations in Rīga
On Monday, the Administrative District Court ordered the Central Election Commission (CVK) to re-count all ballots in the three precincts where there were problems with seals on envelopes, said Līga Tumova, representative of the Administrative District Court, September 14.
New Harmony takes Riga election results to court
Political party New Harmony has taken to the Administrative Court with regard to unsealed ballots at Riga City Council elections that were declared null, party representatives told the newswire LETA September 6.
Unsealed ballots may have affected Rīga elections result, says CVK
The number of mandates received by Harmony and New Unity in the newly elected Rīga City Council may be affected by the election ballots not included in the vote count due to them being unsealed, the Central Election Commission (CVK) told newswire LETA on September 1.
Riga elections already have 5% of votes
Wednesday, August 26, was the first day of early voting in the Riga City Council emergency elections. According to the Central Election Commission, 20,383 or 4,82% of votes have already been cast.
Riga elections get more funds
On Friday, August 21, it was decided at the meeting of the Riga City Council to grant additional funding to ensure the emergency elections of the Riga City Council.
Pre-election campaign materials on the loose in Riga
Ahead of the Riga City Council's emergency elections, various political forces and candidates are increasingly active - but the pre-election campaign materials do not always end up where intended, Latvian Radio said August 11.
Voting for Riga elections possible only on-site
Voters will only be able to participate in Riga extraordinary elections on-site in Riga, Central Elections Commission (CVK) spokeswoman Laura Zaharova told Latvian Radio July 30.
15 parties to run in Rīga elections
On Monday, July 20, the announcement of the lists of candidates for the emergency elections of Rīga City Council was completed. In total, 15 political forces will participate in the elections, Latvian Radio reported July 20.
Riga elections will go ahead place despite COVID-19 issues
The Central Election Commission (CVK) said July 14 that, in the event of a spread of COVID-19, up to half the polling stations used for the upcoming Rīga municipal elections could be closed. Additional costs to secure elections in the COVID-19 circumstances amount to EUR 440 000. Despite this, the elections will still take place, Latvian Radio reported.
Rīga elections will require face coverings for voters
The Central Election Commission (CVK) has decided that, during the emergency Riga City Council election on August 29, voters will be required to cover their mouth and nose while at polling stations, CVK representative Laura Zaharova told the LETA newswire May 25.
Rīga municipal elections to be postponed until June
On March 17 the Latvian cabinet supported the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry initiative to postpone the Rīga extraordinary municipal elections until June 6.
Local deputies to pay the price for lack of Latvian skills
The municipal deputies the State Language Centre invites to improve their state language skills to the necessary level will have to use their own resources, according to the amendments to the Law On the Status of the Deputy of the Republic City Council and Municipality Council passed in Saeima, according to the Parliamentary Press Service on February 13.
MEPs react to election results
Following the provisional results of the 2019 European Parliament elections, prominent MEPs reflected on the outcome May 27.
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