Halfway through vote count, New Unity just ahead
More than half of polling stations in Latvia's 14th Saeima elections have declared their provisional results and suggest that an earlier exit poll was broadly accurate, though with some differences.
No major issues in voting process, say authorities
No significant problems have been experienced in the conduct of elections and in the work of the information technology (IT) systems needed for them, according to authorities, Latvian Radio reported on October 1.
Latvians voting all over the world
Latvian voters have been turning out at 81 overseas voting stations all around the world which are keeping the same voting hours (but according to local time) as in Latvia itself. 
Last-minute decisions will play big role in elections, say experts
In the 14th Saeima elections, voters have a broad range of choices among party lists. Experts surveyed by Latvian Radio on October 1 said that last-minute decisions will play a major role in the results, and there are still concerns about very low turnout.
No more pre-election campaigning as of Friday in Latvia
From Friday, September 30, until Saturday, October 1, inclusive, the 'quiet' election period begins when political agitation is banned, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) told Latvian Radio on Friday.
11,000 citizens already cast their votes Monday
On Monday, September 26, over 11,000 voters took the opportunity to vote early before 14th parliamentary elections to be held on Saturday, October 1, according to data from the Central Election Commission (CVK). 
Early voting for Saeima election begins in Latvia
As of Monday, September 26, an early vote can be cast at the Saeima elections. Residents who cannot go to elections on Saturday, which is the official election day, can put their ballot in storage, Latvian Radio reported.
Election in Latvia poorly accessible to disabled people
The electoral law should be amended to help solve long-standing issues on how to provide information and amenities for the group of voters that includes people with disabilities, said Kristīne Bērziņa, president of the Central Election Commission (CVK), on Latvian Radio on September 23.
LTV's De Facto lists accused and convicted election candidates
The 13th Saeima had quite a few MPs accused, and also convicted, of crimes. Some of the accused members are also on the candidate lists for the 14th Saeima. Latvian Television's broadcast De Facto looked at the cases on September 19.
14th Saeima elections: Can October vote buck the low turnout trend?
While everyone will focus on how many votes each party gets in the Saeima elections of October 1, almost as important will be the question of how many votes they do not get – how many people stay at home and choose not to exercise their democratic right to decide who governs the country.
Watch English-language election debate
The Foreign Investors Council in Latvia (FICIL), together with several foreign chambers of commerce, will host an English-language pre-election debate among Prime Minister candidates on September 12 at 10:00, and we have a livestream of the event for you here on LSM.
Saeima Elections 2022: All The Parties (Part 1)
Now that all the candidate lists have been submitted and the ballot numbers have been assigned, it's time for a brief overview of the parties contesting Latvia's Saeima elections on October 1.
Why Latvians vote and don't vote in Saeima elections
Only 54% of eligible voters participated in previous parliamentary elections, which is the lowest activity in 30 years. Last year in municipal elections the activity was at 34%. On August 23 Latvian Radio addressed people in several Rīga neighborhoods about going to the elections.
One Saeima candidate crossed out from list
On Friday, August 12, the Central Election Commission (CVK) decided to remove Toms Baltacis from the list of candidates from the political party association “Alliance for Latvia” in the Rīga constituency due to him being subject to the restriction of candidacy imposed by the Saeima election law for sanctioned persons.
Pre-election campaign spending currently at €1.45 million
Between June 4 when the pre-election campaign period started, and August 8, parties and their associations have entered into agreements on campaign expenses worth €1.45 million, according to the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB)'s information on August 11.
None of KGB-archived candidates will be banned from being elected
None of the seven parliamentary candidates whose names are in the files of the National Security Committee (KGB) will be prevented from being elected to the 14th Saeima because they have not been employees of the KGB, said the Constitution Protection Bureau (SAB).
Each party can spend up to 708 thousand on pre-election campaign
Each of the 19 contending political forces who will fight out parliamentary elections on October 1 is allowed to spend up to €708,053.30 on the pre-election campaigns, as estimated by the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) on August 10.
Latvia might allow voting with expired ID
The Ministry of Interior will encourage the possibility to vote in the 14th Saeima elections with an expired passport or ID card, Minister of Interior Kristaps Eklons told Latvian Television on August 5.
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