13th Saeima elections: The parties (Part 1)
Now that all the candidate lists have been submitted and the ballot numbers have been assigned, it's time for a brief overview of the parties contesting Latvia's Saeima elections on October 6.
Party ballot numbers revealed
On August 10 the Central Election Committee drew lots of MP candidates registered for the 13th Saeima election on October 6th.
16 parties will contest Saeima elections
With the deadline having passed August 7 to submit candidates to participate in the 13th Saeima elections on October 6th, it has been established that 16 parties will be in the running.
Deadline day for political hopefuls
August 7 is the final day for political parties to submit their candidate lists to the Central Electoral Commission (CVK) for participation in the Saeima elections to be held on October 6.
Security Police warn of cyber attack risks before elections
Latvia's interior police force, the Security Police, warn there are risks of cyber attacks prior to the parliamentary elections in the fall. Ints Ulmanis, deputy head of the Security Police, told LTV's De Facto March 19 that IT systems have to be well-prepared before the election, and that there may be website hacks and leaks of sensitive information as Latvia gears up for the October 6 election.
Latvia's voting system is old–and therefore safe, says STRATCOMCOE chief
In a March 6 interview with the Diena newspaper, Janis Sarts, the head of the Riga-based NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (StratComCOE), said that in comparison with attempts to hack into digital voting systems in the United States, France, the Netherlands and Ukraine, nothing like this can happen in Latvia due to the old-fashioned nature of the country's voting system.
Election results: little change

Results of local elections released early on June 4 showed that in general the municipal landcsape will remain unchanged for the next four years.

Are you ready to vote in Latvia's local elections?

While June 3 is designated polling day for local elections across Latvia, early voting commences on the evening of May 31. If you are an EU citizen and have been registered in the official population register for at least 90 days, you are entitled to vote too.

Blogger probes covert campaign praising Ventspils mayor

Another bombshell investigation by IT enthusiast blogger Jānis Polis looks into several self-styled news websites linked to Alberts Jodis, an advertising industry figure in Latvia. Many of Jodis' websites, which include a website laying a claim to being a news agency, have one thing in common - they vocally support long-standing Ventspils mayor Aivars Lembergs, often referred to as a leading 'oligarch', ahead of the municipal elections on June 3.

Local election lists are in

The battle lines for nationwide local elections to be held in across Latvia on June 3 can now be drawn after the deadline for the submission of candidates passed on April 24.