Sweden, Finland might contribute to new NATO brigade in Latvia
Latvia's military cooperation with Sweden and Finland is becoming deeper and deeper, and it is possible both countries could contibute to new brigade-strength NATO forces stationed in Latvia, Defense Minister Minister Artis Pabriks told the LETA newswire June 30.
NATO members commit to 'robust' reinforcement of eastern flank
NATO collectively and the United States individually said June 29 they would be ramping up their military support for the eastern flank of the Alliance, including Latvia, in view of the clear threat posed by Russia's increasingly reckless and shameless actions in Ukraine.
Russian hackers have been targeting Latvia and Lithuania
In connection with the idea of ​​demolishing the Victory Park monument in Rīga, Latvia has become the target of attacks by the Russian hacking group 'Killnet' and its associated groups since May, and Lithuania is now a primary target in connection with its enforcement of sanctions on transit goods to Kaliningrad, Varis Teivāns, Deputy Head of the Information Technology (IT) Security Incident Prevention Institution "" told Latvian Radio June 29.
Spanish air defense system deployed in Latvia
In response to the need to strengthen the defense capabilities of the Baltic region after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Spanish-supplied ground-to-air NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) anti-aircraft missile battery has deployed at the National Air Force Base in Lielvarde, the LETA news agency reported June 26, citing the Ministry of Defense.
Latvia's eastern border infrastructure builders confirmed
The State Real Estate's (VNĪ) price survey for the construction of the next seven sections of Latvia's eastern border infrastructure has concluded. Six stages will be constructed by Citrus Solutions and one stage by VIA, the VNĪ said on June 20.
U.S. planes fly over Rīga
The weather was fully supportive of the US Air Force's presence in the Baltic states June 16 and a planned symbolic overflight of the Baltic capitals, including Rīga, took place as planned.
More military drills in Latvia during the week
From June 8 to 12, in the vicinity of Jēkabpils and Ogre, as well as in the Ādaži military base, international military training “Knight Swift 22” will take place, the National Armed Forces (NBS) said June 7.
BALTOPS 22 naval drills taking place in and around Baltic Sea
From June 5 to 17, a large-scale annual international military exercise dubbed "BALTOPS 22" will take place in the Baltic Sea region, with the participation of 14 NATO members: the United States, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Turkey, as well as Sweden and Finland, which recently applied to join the alliance.
Baltic Defense Ministers pledge ongoing support for Ukraine
At a meeting of the Baltic Defense Ministers' Committee in Saaremaa, Estonia, on 27 May, ministers from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania reiterated their condemnation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and agreed to continue to provide unequivocal support to Ukraine for its sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Russian cyber-attacks having little impact in Latvia
The number of cyber threats being experienced in Latvia has been rising since the beginning of the year, but Russia is currently making little progress in its regular cyber attacks on Latvia's online resources, 
according to Varis Teivāns, a spokesman for the information technology security incident prevention institution, in an interview with Latvian Television.
Latvia wants NATO Madrid summit to approve Baltic missile defense systems
Because of the obvious threat posed by Russia, firm and concrete decisions must be taken at the NATO Summit in Madrid concerning the strengthening of security in the eastern flank, Latvia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Edgars Rinkēvičs, said at an informal meeting of NATO ministers in Berlin, on May 14-15, 2022.
Mass paratroop drop incoming at Ādaži
May 13 will see the continuation of the long-planned planned international military training exercise “Swift Response 22” at the Ādaži base near Rīga with a mass parachute drop from a C-17 aircraft that will have flown all the way from Italy.
Latvian Defense Minister stresses continuous support to Ukraine
Latvia's military support to Ukraine has been more than €200 million so far. More than €10 million has been donated by residents and businesses. Defense Minister Artis Pabriks told Latvian Television on May 11 that it was planned to collect an additional €7 million in donations.
U.S. Air Force heads out on the highway in Latvia(update)
It's close to midnight, and something... unusual is lurking in the dark. While carefully treading around bits of cow dung, trying hard to ignore the smell and the chill, there is a sense of anticipation, of being able to witness something to boast about for the next 50 years.
LTV's De Facto looks at Latvian military mobility funding
The issue of improving military mobility has become topical throughout Europe, particularly in the vicinity of Russia. Latvian Television's broadcast De Facto, aired May 8, examined the strengths and weaknesses around the issue in Latvia, as well as the potential funding for improvements.
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