Namejs 2018 military exercise underway
Namejs 2018, the largest military training exercise since the restoration of independence is getting under way in Latvia on August 20, LETA was told at the press office of the Defense Ministry.
Four companies fighting for four by four contract
Latvia's Ministry of Defense is currently conducting a final assessment to decide on the purchase of 4x4 light and medium-range tactical vehicles that meet the operational and technical requirements of the National Armed Forces, the ministry has confirmed in a statement.
Pensions to grow an average €18.27 this year
Latvian pensions and compensations or their parts not exceeding €382 will be recalculated on October 1, Welfare Minister Janis Reirs (Unity) said at a news conference August 9, adding that €30 million have been earmarked in the budget for this purpose.
No plans for Latvia to double defense spending at Trump's behest
Latvia does not intend to follow US President Donald Trump's advice at the recent NATO summit in Brussels and double defense spending to 4% of GDP, Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis said in an interview with the Latvian Television program Morning Panorama July 17.
U.S. Black Hawks rotate into Latvia
American troops with Black Hawk helicopters have arrived in Latvia to strengthen regional security and to demonstrate the U.S. presence in the region, the Latvian Defense Ministry said July 13.
Saber Strike exercises wind up in Latvia
About 2,000 troops and 800 vehicles were moved from the Adazi military base in central Latvia to south-west of the country during the Saber Strike 2018 international military exercise, reported the LETA newswire.
500 American and British paratroopers drop in
Early June 9, 500 American and British paratroopers, flying direct from the U.S., performed a descent at Adaži base just outside Rīga as part of ongoing "Swift Response 2018" training exercises.
Watch: Fighter jets refueled in-flight over Latvia and Estonia
Thousands of soldiers, alongside armored transport and fighter jets are partaking in the international Saber Strike exercise taking place June 3 to 15. One of the most impressive parts of this was an aerial refueling operation over Latvia and Estonia, reports LTV. 
Live pictures beamed from inside Latvian military zone!
In what at first might seem like a shocking security breach, tiny concealed cameras are broadcasting live pictures from inside a restricted Latvian military facility, allowing anyone in the world to track the comings and goings of green-clad personnel.
May 4 military parade for Madona
A military parade will take place on May 4 in Madona, central Latvia, the Ministry of Defense said May 2, giving details of the event.
Russia's rocket plan proves to be another dud
Russia's threatened plan to fire rockets over the Baltic Sea proved to be less SpaceX than waste of space for a second time when no projectiles were blasted into the wide blue yonder between April 17 and 19.