Latvian volunteer prepares armored vans for Ukrainians
In the summer, a few weeks before Russia's occupation, volunteers were still evacuating people from the war-torn Lischiansk city in Ukraine. Latvian Television reported the story of Dasha and her colleagues, who supplied food and helped people to leave. Agnis Bisters, after seeing the story, then decided to hand over armored vans to these volunteers, LTV reported on January 29.
Latvian-produced military equipment travels to Ukraine
Latvian donors are sending military equipment manufactured locally to the Ukrainian army. Two months ago, the charity “” launched a donation-gathering campaign Labas ziņas (“Good News”) for the cause. Since then, EUR 439,768 has been donated. On Wednesday, January 25, the first military cargo traveled to Ukraine, Latvian Radio and Latvian Television reported.
President looks at 'Black Hawk' helicopters at NBS base
The National Armed Forces (NBS) have had a number of modern aircraft – 'Black Hawk' helicopters – delivered that are a significant improvement over their predecessors, which have been at the disposal of the armed forces so far. The President of Latvia Egils Levits visited the air force base on Monday, Latvian Television reported January 23.
Latvia to train 2,000 Ukrainian troops this year
Latvia plans to train 2,000 soldiers of different levels of the Ukrainian Armed Forces this year, which will be twice as many as last year, the LETA newswire reported January 21, citing the Ministry of Defense.
Weather prevents Mūrniece from meeting NATO allies in Estonia(update)
Latvian Defense Minister Ināra Mūrniece was due to be in Estonia January 19 for a key meeting with her counterparts from NATO allies Estonia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately it turned out that she was not able to attend due to adverse weather conditions preventing her from travelling. The Polish Defense Minister was also weather-bound, but the Lithuanian Minister made it to the Tapa military base. Nevertheless, all were able to speak remotely.
State Security Service probes alleged justification of Russia's war online
On January 4, the State Security Service detained a supporter of Russia whose activities in the Internet environment over the longer term were aimed at provoking hatred against Latvians and Ukrainians, as well as justifying and glorifying Russia's war against Ukraine, the VDD said January 9.
'Defense Makeathon' produces quick-application tourniquet
In the hackathon of the defense industry "Defence Makeathon Riga 2022", a special type of tourniquet has been produced that can be put on very quickly by a soldier in a crisis. Other innovative ideas are also developed, which will be produced in future, Latvian Television reported on January 9.
Emergency near Latvia-Belarus border could be extended again
The Ministry of Interior (IeM) considers it necessary to extend the state of emergency in the border area of Belarus. The Ministry will also encourage to specify the right of border guards to apply physical force and special means to stop the flow of illegal immigrants in the law, LETA reported January 3.
Latvia and NATO stepping up defense innovations
Technology can now be just as powerful a weapon as armored machinery. This is why NATO member states including Latvia, plus NATO's allies members have taken a lead in generating innovations and sharpening their competitive edge.
Large flow of migrants at Latvia-Belarus border over Christmas
Also during the Christmas holiday, a large number of illegal migrants were attempting to arrive in Latvia across the Belarusian border. From December 23 to 26, the border guard prevented 130 persons from attempting to cross the border, Latvian Television reported on December 27.
Security Service repeats warning about travel to Russia and Belarus
In view of the current security risks in the region linked to Russia's war in Ukraine, as well as Russia's aggressive rhetoric towards Latvia, the State Security Service (VDD) asks Latvian residents not to travel to Russia and Belarus during the forthcoming holiday, according to a statement distributed by VDD on December 22.
Leaders gather for Rīga defense summit(update)
December 19 sees Rīga host a 'Summit of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF)' convened on the initiative of the Prime Minister of Latvia, Krišjānis Kariņš, with the support of the UK, as the framework nation. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is among the leaders attending.
Military 'Summit' meeting upcoming in Rīga
On December 19, Rīga will host a 'Summit of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF)' convened on the initiative of the Prime Minister of Latvia, Krišjānis Kariņš, with the support of the UK, as the framework nation.
LTV's De Facto: Theft from army warehouses went unnoticed for decade
The prosecutor's office has completed an investigation and in November handed the court a case for large-scale theft of various goods from army warehouses for nearly ten years. Latvian Television broadcast De Facto reported December 4 that there were also night-vision goggles among the missing items, which the Latvian army had been given by the U.S. What happened was major chaos in the storage and listing of army goods. 
Latvian air force gets two new locally-made planes
On December 2, at the Ādaži airfield, Defense Minister Artis Pabriks inspected two brand new "Tarragon" light aircraft manufactured by the Latvian company SIA "Pelegrin", purchased by the National Armed Forces.
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