Defense minister: abandoning Iraq would have dramatic consequences
Defense Minister Artis Pabriks (Development/For!) told Latvian Radio on January 14 the Latvian government decided to extend the mandate for the National Armed forces to continue participation in the international operation in Iraq battling Daesh, and on January 15 he spoke on LTV’s morning broadcast “Rīta Panorāma” about the significance of the mission and Latvia’s participation.
Latvian soldiers avoid injury in Iran attack on US military base in Iraq
One of the US air bases in Iraq that suffered from an Iranian missile attack on the morning of January 8 also contained six Latvian soldiers, who were unharmed in the attack, Defense Ministry Representative Kaspars Galkins said on Latvian Television’s “Rīta Panorāma” broadcast the same morning.
Latgale independence centenary to be marked with celebrations
Several celebratory events have been organized to celebrate the Latgale independence centenary by the Ministry of Defense (MOD) and National Armed Forces, including the National Guard 3rd Latgale brigade, in cooperation with municipal governments in Latgale, according to the Ministry on December 31.
Polish soldier dies at Camp Ādaži
A Polish soldier in Latvia as part of NATO's defensive presence has died at the Ādaži military base near Rīga, Latvia's Defense Ministry said in an announcement December 15.
State institutions and politicians experience cyber attack
The Information Technology Security Incident Response Institution announced on Friday, December 13 that over the last few days several state institution employees and politicians have experienced targeted cyber attacks using phishing emails purporting to be from the Russian embassy, formatted as a reply to previous correspondence.
Defense Ministry releases some research
According to the Ministry of Defense, new research it has conducted shows that 80% of respondents to a survey believe that in the case of a national-scale threat they would be most concerned about knowing where to turn for information.
Source of army information leak identified
Defense officials have identified a person involved in leaking text messages which included restricted information, Defense Minister Artis Pabriks (Development/For!) said in an interview with the LETA news agency November 24.
NATO ships clear more than 50 mines from Baltic Sea
November 14 saw the conclusion of the Joint Hod ops (Historical Ordnance Disposal Operation) exercise organized by NATO's 1st Standing Anti-Mine Squad and the Baltic Minesweeper Squadron (BALTRON) which began November 4.
A day in the life of Latvian Naval Forces patrol ship “Rēzekne”
Latvian Radio has recently visited a Naval Forces patrol ship, and reported November 11 on spending a working day with one of the ship's crew. They found out what the objectives are for modern patrol ships, why recruits choose the sea, how the ship's cooks prepare food during storms and what soldiers think about civilian rescue operations.
Study highlights fears around migration and terrorism
Latvian Institute of International Affairs researcher Sintija Broka highlights Latvian residents' fears related to migration and terrorism during the regional discussion cycle “How Safe Do You Feel in Europe?”. 
Watch: Rīga Conference Day 2
October 11 and 12 see the return of the Rīga Conference, an annual geopolitical talking-shop in the Latvian capital involving several hundred participants from the fields of politics, defense, academia and the media.
Watch: Rīga Conference Day 1
October 11 and 12 see the return of the Rīga Conference, an annual geopolitical talking-shop in the Latvian capital involving several hundred participants from the fields of politics, defense, academia and the media.
Rīga Conference two days away
Friday 11 October sees the start of the annual Rīga Conference, an annual geopolitical talking-shop that takes place in the Latvian capital.
Busy end to September for NATO's Baltic Air Police
Last week was a busy one for NATO's Baltic Air Policing mision. Between September 23-29 NATO fighter aircraft carried out eight alert scrambles to identify and escort aircraft in the airspace over the Baltic Sea, according to information published by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.
Intense military traffic on Latvian roads through September 29
Starting September 25 through September 29 there'll be intense military motor traffic on some of Latvia's major roads, as part of the Sudraba bulta (Silver Arrow) military exercises, Sandris Gaugers, a Colonel of the National Armed Forces, told Latvian Radio.
Baltic air police intercept Russian bombers
Belgian pilots who recently took over patrols as part of NATO's Baltic air policing mission got an early test on 17 September 2019, when their F-16 fighter jets based at Šiauliai Air Base in Lithuania had their first scramble over the Baltic Sea.