Expert puzzled about allowing fabric masks in schools
There is no rational justification why students will be allowed to continue using fabric masks at school, Ivars Vanadziņš,  Riga Stradiņš University Institute for Safety and Environmental Health, told Latvian Television January 20.
Schools ask for more Covid self-tests
The situation with Covid-19 at schools is not critical at the moment, but experts forecast that the outbreak of the Omicron will remain for a while. Schools say that there are not enough self-tests for daily routine testing, Latvian Radio reported January 19.
Covid spreads across schools of Latvia
It has been more than a week since pupils returned to school after the winter holiday, and this week, the prevalence of Covid-19 at schools has been much higher than last week, Latvian Television reported January 13. 
Latvian scientists develop extra-quick sensor
An innovative and very high-speed thermoelectric radiation sensor has been developed by the Latvian University (LU) Institute of Solid State Physics. It makes it possible to measure the intensity of infrared radiation, Latvian Television reported on January 12.
Science funding to grow; institutes say it is still too low
This year, scientific institutes will receive greater funding based more on results achieved than previously. The institutes point out that the funding is still low for science altogether, remaining below 1% of GDP, Latvian Radio reported January 4.
Why Latvian universities do not hire foreign professors
Latvia has begun a political fight to open the doors of universities to foreign teaching staff, but the universities themselves object to it. Why don't Latvian smartest minds want to compete with foreign professors? The Latvian Radio broadcast “Open Files” studied the issue December 9.
Around 600 teachers in regions left job due to vaccination rules
Since November 15, when stricter rules on vaccination entered into force for employees in several professions, over 600 teachers left work in regional schools, Ināra Dundure, advisor to the Latvian Association of Local Governments, told Latvian Radio December 8.
Over 200 Rīga teachers left job due to vaccination requirement
In Riga City, 235 teachers, or 3.2% of the total 7,333 teachers, have left their jobs or gone downtime in relation to the requirement to vaccinate against Covid-19, Anita Pēterkopa, head of the General Education Schools Department of Riga City Council, told Latvian Television November 29.
Older pupils will stay online another week in Rīga schools
In Riga municipal education institutions, students of years 7-12 will continue to study remotely next week, director of the Education, Culture and Sport Department of the Riga City Council Māris Krastiņš said at a briefing November 12.
Vaccination percentage among university students high
Universities are planning how to continue working with unvaccinated students. The vast majority, though, do have a Covid certificate, according to university representatives, Latvian Radio reported November 8. 
Few students drop out due to vaccination requirement
Since mid-October, only students with a certificate of Covid-19 vaccination or recovery are allowed to participate in the study process onsite. Not many students have left due to this requirement, according to university observations, Latvian Television reported October 30.
Youngest pupils return to school Monday in Latvia
On November 1, the two-week autumn holiday ends for pupils. Due to the epidemiological situation, most pupils will resume remotely, except years 1 to 3, who return to schools Monday, Latvian Radio reported.
'Rail Baltica Academy' to offer more online expert lectures
To offer an opportunity to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students and the general public interested in railway engineering, planning, innovation, virtual design, construction, environmental and other issues related to the Rail Baltica 'megaproject', RB Rail AS has announced another senester of its “Rail Baltica Academy”.
Covid-restriction opponent school won't get licensed
LSM reported in July that a group of Covid-restriction opponents was planning to establish a new distance school where children would not have to worry about wearing masks or other restrictions. The State Service of Education Quality (IKVD) has refused to issue general education program licenses to the school, LETA reported October 26.
Vaccination requirement might disrupt work in Rīga kindergartens
Approximately 300 employees have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 in Riga kindergartens, and this could cause interruptions in the work of 17 kindergartens, said Iveta Ratinīka, chair of the Education, Culture and Sport Committee of the Riga City Council, in an interview to Latvian Radio October 12.
Internet usage level about average
The number of Latvians making daily use of the internet is in line with the EU average, according to data published by Eurostat October 11.
Remote learning happening at 268 sites in Latvia
Due to Covid-19 incidence, 286 education institutions in 41 municipalities will continue remote education process, which is by 98 education institutions and two municipalities more than last week, the LETA newswire reports, citing State Education Quality Service (IKVD) representative Jana Veinberga.
Latvia still one of EU's lowest spenders on R&D
Latvia is among the least supportive countries in the European Union when it comes to investing in Research and Development (R&D), according to new figures published by Eurostat September 15.
Government supports school testing every two weeks
In order to address problems with laboratory capacity, the Covid-19 tests for routine school screening will be carried out once every two weeks, Latvian Television reported September 15.
125 groups of Rīga pupils quarantining due to Covid-19
Though the proportion of Covid-19 cases at schools compared to general population is small, the virus is spreading. There are at least 125 groups or forms of pupils quarantining in Rīga, Lavian Radio reported September 14.
Merger of universities planned in coming years
Within a year, changes will be proposed to reorganize three Latvian universities. The government on September 14 supported the Ministry of Education and Science's intention that a draft Cabinet order will be prepared and submitted for consideration by 1 September 2022.
Chewing tests planned for school screening
The saliva tests currently used in the testing of pupils Covid-19 are planned to be gradually replaced by chewing tests, Health Minister Daniels Pavļuts said at a press briefing September 13.
Slight increase in number of pupils in Latvia
This year, the number of students who will acquire primary or general secondary education has increased to 217,500 or 0.7% more than last year, newswire LETA reported data of the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) September 10.
School testing will take place once every fortnight
Health Minister Daniels Pavļuts and Education and Science Minister Anita Muižniece (New Conservative Party) agreed on Thursday, September 9, to switch to school testing once every 14 days instead of the past seven days.

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