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Ukrainians will be able to choose whether to take school exams
The new rules on the exemption of pupils from 9th and 12th-grade state examinations include children who need it due to health, athletes in training camps, asylum seekers, refugees, or alternative status recipients. There is confusion in schools about the possibility for Ukrainian pupils to be exempted from state exams, Latvian Radio reported on January 30.
Latvian researchers work on temp-smart windows
Technology is being developed in Latvia that will allow the production of building windows that will help to keep rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer, Latvian Television reported January 30.
Higher education salaries a hot topic, says teachers' union
The hottest debate in talks between the Latvian Education and Science Workers' Trade Union (LIZDA) and the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) is currently about the salaries of higher education teachers, LIZDA's head Inga Vanaga told Latvian Radio on January 30.
Suspicions of EU fund misuse at Daugavpils University
The State Police have carried out procedural activities at Daugavpils University, suspecting a possible fraud with the European Union (EU) Social Fund amounting to €600,000, Latvian Radio reported on January 24. The Ministry of Education and Science demands the Daugavpils University Board to provide explanations without delay.
Latvian 'Aerones' propels wind energy innovation
The Latvian company Aerones has developed a world-leading system for the automated maintenance and cleaning of wind turbine blades, attracting the biggest investment among Latvian startups in 2022, Aerones representatives told LSM at a demonstration event on January 24.
New doctoral studies model moves forward in Saeima
In the first reading, the Saeima supported amendments to the Law on Higher Education, which provides for the introduction of a new doctoral studies model, including changing the financing model and providing for a new promotion process, the Parliament's Press Service said on January 19.
Twelve Latvian scientists on display at Āgenskalns market
Visitors to Āgenskalns market can now get to know more about twelve Latvian scientists. The market is housing a Science for Latvia 2023 exhibition telling about Latvian scientists of different industries and scientific institutions, Latvian Television reported on January 17.
Steep learning curve for high-flying student rocket launchers
Riga Technical University (RTU) students and RTU Engineering High School students are preparing to develop a third high-power rocket and participate in European competitions. Their second rocket exceeded a height of 1.9 km and flew at a speed of around 1,000 km/h: a Baltic record.
Ogre school denies preaching at pupils
The principal of Ogre central elementary school has denied that pupils are being subjected to religious indoctrination following a discussion about religion in which only representatives of Christian religious groups held the floor, reported Latvian Television January 10. 
Universities try hard to save energy resources in Latvia
As the heating season approached with huge heating bills, Latvian universities decided that students would go at least partially remote to save on energy expenses. At the moment, the situation is not as bad as it seemed, Latvian Radio reported on December 30.
Will University of Latvia's Torņakalns campus benefit the area?
The University of Latvia (LU) will expand its Academic Center in Torņakalns in the next four years. The House of Nature and House of Sciences will be accompanied by the Houses of Letters, Technology, Health, Sports, and Students. Will the Academic Center be able to make a strong push for the development of Torņakalns? Latvian Radio explored the matter on December 21.
A stocking full of stats!
While there's always a certain amount of nagging doubt that Santa Claus will bring you exactly what you want at Christmastide, there are no such doubts about the reliability of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) which delivers its bumper sack of statistics every year without fail.
Teachers' salaries to grow next year in Latvia
As of 2023, the lowest monthly salary rate for kindergarten, primary and secondary education, as well as vocational education teachers, will rise, according to amendments to the law approved by the government on December 13.
Dead philosopher comes back to life at Grobiņa school
The Grobiņa high school named after Latvian writer and philosopher Zenta Mauriņa (1897-1978) has encountered a laugh-or-cry occurrence: the deceased keeps receiving letters and consignments from parents, children, and state institutions, local newspaper Kurzemes Vārds journalist Liene Kupiča told Latvian Radio on November 28.
139 teachers fined for deficient language skills
This year in Latvia, 139 teachers have been administratively fined for insufficient State language skills. Checks have been carried out since the transition to teaching only in Latvian at schools was launched, Latvian Radio reported November 23.
Russian language might no longer be an option at schools in Latvia
It is planned that, from the year 2026/2027, all educational institutions will be required to provide one of the languages of the European Union (EU) or a foreign language governed by intergovernmental agreements in the field of education, the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) said on November 21.
Project to involve Ukrainian children in student enterprises
Student enterprises, 'shadowing' professionals, conferences and hackathons are popular means in Latvia to involve young people into creating their own business. The Junior Achievement Latvia organization has now involved Ukrainian young people and children in all these activities, Latvian Television reported on November 15.
Online school exam trial is a flop
On Thursday, November 10, in schools across Latvia, it was planned to take the centralized exam online for the first time as a system trial. However, not all schools and pupils managed to join the State Test Information System, Latvian Radio reported.
Teacher Jānis Rudzītis provides inspiration in Liepāja
In his teenage years, Jānis Rudzītis lost his leg after falling with a motorcycle, which was followed by countless surgeries and an oncological illness. Several years were spent in hospitals and recovering in bed at home, but despite these setbacks Jānis found the strength not to give up and today he is a teacher loved by children at the 8th secondary school in Liepāja, reports LTV's Province show in a particularly inspiring episode.
Internal Security Academy established in Latvia
The Ministry of Interior, the State Police College, Riga Stradiņš University (RSU) and the University of Latvia (LU) signed an agreement on the creation of a long-term consortium “Internal Security Academy” on Tuesday, October 25, the Ministry said.
Stradiņš University unveils new medical study complex
The Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) has created a new study complex with an array of operations equipped with simulation technologies in its Medical Educational Technology Center, Latvian Radio reported October 25.
Teachers' Day marked in Latvia
On October 2, Teachers' Day is celebrated in Latvia. Inga Vanaga, head of the Latvian Education and Science Workers union (LIZDA), invites the public to remember all their teachers, from primary school to higher education, Latvian Radio reported Sunday. 
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