Mērsrags mushroom discovery a first for Latvia
In Latvia, as in the rest of the world, there are many more mushrooms than plants, however as there aren't many mycologists, new mushroom species are often uncovered by regular residents, as happened with Latvia's State Forests Northern Kurzeme planner in the Mērsrags area, according to LTV's daily news broadcast “Dienas ziņas” on January 12.
Latvia names a star and planet in historic first
For the first time in Latvian history the country had the opportunity to name a star and a planet, and the name Liesma (Flame) was chosen for the star, while the planet was named Staburags after a famous cliff on the Daugava river bank, astronomer Ilmārs Eglītis told Latvian Television's “4. Studija” broadcast on December 28.
Latvia's PISA OECD education rankings give cause for concern
Latvia fares reasonably well in the latest Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) education rankings produced by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and released December 3, though there is definite room for improvement, and bullying appears to be a serious area of concern.
Will future of doctoral theses be in Latvian or English?
Supporters say that making it mandatory to write doctoral theses in English or some other foreign language would increase the international competitiveness of Latvian scientists, but more than 450 industry representatives have signed a letter categorically opposing such changes, according to Latvian Television (LTV).
Court nixes government decision on University of Latvia rector
The chaotic situation at the top of Latvia's pre-eminent educational institution grew further September 30 when the Administrative District Court suspended the Cabinet of Ministers' decision not to approve Indriķis Muižnieks as the University of Latvia rector, reported LETA.
Government ready to back full Latvian language use in education
The coalition cooperation council meeting on September 23 discussed the National Alliance's proposal on the amendments to the Education Law and agreed that there should be a full transition to the Latvian language in all education levels, said the secretary general of the National Alliance Raivis Zeltits, reported the LETA newswire.
Start of another school year in Latvia
Bags are being packed, shoes shined and flowers presented to teachers across Latvia September with the start of another school year on what is referred to as "Knowledge Day".
Tilde beats internet giants in machine translation battle
For the third consecutive year, the Latvia-based language technology company Tilde has won the “Olympics” of the machine translation technology – the WMT 2019 competition. This year Tilde's team participated with its machine translation technology for the English-Lithuanian language pair, outperforming online translation platforms such as Google, Microsoft, and others.
Welcome rise in number of university applicants
This year, 10 911 people have applied to do undergraduate degrees at one of 13 higher education institutions in Latvia. This is the highest number of applicants in the last five years, according to information provided by LETA on July 10. 
LSM survey reveals stark splits over minority schools
Citizens who speak Latvian and Russian at home have expressed notably opposed views on the hypothetical possibility of forgoing minority schools and creating a system where all children attend common Latvian schools.
Latvian universities raise tuition fees
Riga Stradiņš University (RSU), the University of Latvia (LU), and the Rīga Technical University (RTU) have raised the tuition fees for the 2019./2020. academic year, reported LETA on June 30.
The challenges of being a medical student
Overall, 274 medical students will be graduating from the University of Latvia and Riga Stradiņš University in 2019. These include 83 out of the 100 medical students who began their students at the University of Latvia and are graduating on June 20. And 191 out of 230 scholarship students who began their studies at Rīga Stradiņš University six years ago and are graduating on June 28. One of them is Guntis Balodis, who related his journey to becoming a doctor on Latvian Radio on June 20. 
Government agrees modest pay rise for teachers
The government on June 18 adopted draft amendments to regulations for teacher’s pay providing for raising the minimum monthly wage for teachers from EUR 710 to EUR 750 for a 30-hour working week, the LETA newswire reported.
Latvian school pupils oppose "cramming" culture
Knowledge is not the only thing that pupils and their parents expect from schools – the importance lies in linking learning and knowledge to real life. This can be inferred from the results of a survey conducted last year, said Zane Oliņa, the director of “Skola2030” (a program that aims to update the school curriculum) in an interview on Latvian Radio on June 5.
Estonia offers way forward on teachers' pay
The three Baltic states share challenges in education such schools with a small number of students and the need to increase teachers’ salaries, but the capacity to address those challenges is notably different, it was admitted at the 25th Meeting of the Education Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.