Many teachers leave jobs during pandemic
Unable to cope with the increased workload caused by changes of management of education institutions due to COVID-19, more teachers than ever have resigned since September, Latvian Television reported November 3.
School year might have to be extended in Latvia
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, there is a possibility of having to extend the school year, the head of the State Service for Education Quality, Inita Juhņēviča, said in an interview to Latvian Radio November 2.
Schools might have to go fully remote in Latvia
If COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly in educational establishments it will be necessary for all pupils to learn remotely, Health Minister Ilze Viņķele told Latvian Television October 26.
Latvian colleges' status might change in the future
New amendments to the Law on Higher Schools may possibly exclude Latvian colleges from this category. College students and alumni are not satisfied with this potential future, Latvian Radio reported October 12.
University of Latvia moves toward single campus
The rector of the University of Latvia (LU), Professor Indriķis Muižnieks, has signed an agreement with the full company “RERE BMV” on the design and construction of the LU House of Letters, LU said September 22.
Latvia's schools short of math teachers
Many schools lack mathematics teachers. At Rīga Secondary School No.40, not a single math lesson has taken place for the sixth-graders this year, Latvian Television reported September 17.
Fewer foreign students at Latvian universities this year
Data compiled by the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) show that the total number of foreign students in Latvia's higher education institutions this year has fallen. Many are yet to arrive; those who are here, self-isolate in dormitories or rented apartments, Latvian Radio reported September 9. 
New school year starts in Latvia
On September 1, another school year has begun in Latvia - with flowers and best clothes as usual but uncertainty lingering in the air. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, parents, teachers and children are unsure how learning process will go and for how long.
Three universities in Latvia plan to start a joint school
The first consortium of universities in Latvia is working on a new concept. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Liepāja University and Daugavpils University will join in. The main objective is to use resources more effectively, Latvian Radio reported August 26.
Most Riga schools plan learning on-site
The majority of Riga schools will resume on-site learning, but at least one day per week the oldest classes will be provided with remote learning, according to data from the Riga City Council's survey of educational institutions, Latvian Radio said August 24.
Schools left to own devices on learning organization
This year, safety measures to limit COVID-19 will present additional difficulties for pupils and educators. The Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) has developed recommendations on how to organize teaching, but the best model will be chosen by each school itself, Latvian Radio said August 19.

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