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Government postpones decision on mandatory STEM exam at school
On Tuesday, September 20, the government postponed viewing the issue of setting a mandatory science exam for high-school graduates. The government plans to view it again in two weeks' time, it being after the new parliamentary elections.
Universities consider going remote due to energy prices
University students have studied remotely for two winters due to the pandemic. Unexpectedly, there is news for many that this year they'll have to sit at home again but not due to Covid-19. This time it is due to universities being unable to cope with energy prices, Latvian Radio reported on September 14.
About 23,000 teachers to strike in Latvia
Around 23 000 education workers will participate in the strike organized by the Latvian Education and Science Workers Union (LIZDA), according to the application submitted by LIZDA on September 12.
Teachers' strike set to go ahead in September
During a crunch meeting of the teachers' strike settlement commission on Wednesday, no compromise was found between the Latvian Education and Science Workers' Union (LIZDA) and the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM). This means that an indefinite strike of teachers belonging to that union will take place from September 19, according to the head of LIZDA, Inga Vanaga.
PM Kariņš: 'We do not need a teacher strike now'
With the challenges of this moment in our country, there is 'no need for a teacher strike', Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš said on Latvian Television morning broadcast on September 2.
School year begins in Latvia with concerns about lack of teachers
The new school year begins in Latvia, as usual, on September 1. The main challenges are the lack of study resources and teachers. These challenges are also accompanied by Ukrainian children joining schools and uncertainty about the Covid-19 situation, Latvian Television reported.
Over 3,300 Ukrainian children will start school year in Latvia
More than 3,300 Ukrainians will start learning in kindergartens and schools of Latvia on Thursday. Their full integration in the training process is planned this year with education in Latvian only or in minority programs in Ukrainian, Latvian Television reported on August 29.
University of Latvia starts building House of Letters
The construction of the University of Latvia's (LU) House of Letters, intended to house the faculties of social sciences and humanities, as well as the library, has symbolically begun on August 25, Latvian Television reported.
Donations sought to help low-income pupils
Until the end of this week, August 28, people have the opportunity to support large low-income families, as well as Ukrainian refugee families whose children will start school this year in different regions of Latvia.
Parent co-payment for Rīga school lunches to be introduced
Rīga's schools have decided to introduce a parental co-payment for school lunches at €1.15 a day starting October. Lunches will still be free for pupils in years 1–4 and those belonging to socially disadvantaged groups, Rīga City Council said August 19.
Teachers announce strike 'if ministry does not budge'
The Latvian Education and Science Workers' Union (LIZDA) decided unanimously on Wednesday to send another letter to the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM). If the ministry does not change its position in the near future, then teachers will strike, Latvian Television reported August 17.
Ukrainian students' interest in Latvian universities rather high
Ukrainians have displayed quite a lot of interest in enrolment in Latvian universities, including people who have moved to Latvia after the beginning of the war and those who apply for studies while still in Ukraine, Latvian Radio reported on August 10.
Free school lunches will be rare this year in Latvia
In the following school year, free school lunches could only remain in 7 or 8 municipalities due to high prices, Ināra Dundure, advisor to the Latvian Association of Local Governments for Education and Culture, said in an interview on Latvian Radio on July 21.
Report outlines recent Latvian language landscape
A new publication outlines the state of the Latvian language during the years 2016-2020. Published by the Latvian Language Agency (LVA) it analyzes the Latvian language skills of Latvian residents and the problems related to Latvian language acquisition, language use in various sociolinguistic domains, and the proficiency and positions of various other languages in the linguistic environment.
Future students choose computer and social sciences this year
The most frequently chosen study programs by new applicants at universities are computer science and social science. , it informed higher education institutions. The Latvian Employers' Confederation welcomed the results, but still highlights the lack of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) specialists, Latvian Radio reported July 19.
Relatively few applicants at Latvian universities this year
This year, 10,144 potential students have applied for studies in one of the 12 Latvian universities, which is the smallest number in the last three years, according to information in the joint portal on Monday, July 19.
Regional university merger idea discussed in Latvia(update)
The Liepāja University Council has proposed to set up a Kurzeme University within the next four years. The intention is to merge Liepāja University and Ventspils University, said Andris Grafs, Chairman of the University Council of Liepājs, in an interview to Latvian Radio on July 11.
Rising costs could lead to university dropouts
Due to overall price increases, there is also an increase in fees in university dormitories. Some students are already having trouble, but universities say that in winter, following rising energy prices, fees could rise again, Latvian Radio reported on July 8.
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