Latvia's schools short of math teachers
Many schools lack mathematics teachers. At Rīga Secondary School No.40, not a single math lesson has taken place for the sixth-graders this year, Latvian Television reported September 17.
Fewer foreign students at Latvian universities this year
Data compiled by the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) show that the total number of foreign students in Latvia's higher education institutions this year has fallen. Many are yet to arrive; those who are here, self-isolate in dormitories or rented apartments, Latvian Radio reported September 9. 
New school year starts in Latvia
On September 1, another school year has begun in Latvia - with flowers and best clothes as usual but uncertainty lingering in the air. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, parents, teachers and children are unsure how learning process will go and for how long.
Three universities in Latvia plan to start a joint school
The first consortium of universities in Latvia is working on a new concept. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Liepāja University and Daugavpils University will join in. The main objective is to use resources more effectively, Latvian Radio reported August 26.
Most Riga schools plan learning on-site
The majority of Riga schools will resume on-site learning, but at least one day per week the oldest classes will be provided with remote learning, according to data from the Riga City Council's survey of educational institutions, Latvian Radio said August 24.
Schools left to own devices on learning organization
This year, safety measures to limit COVID-19 will present additional difficulties for pupils and educators. The Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) has developed recommendations on how to organize teaching, but the best model will be chosen by each school itself, Latvian Radio said August 19.
Higher education teachers get pay rise for four months
The government on Tuesday, August 18, at a Cabinet meeting, supported a EUR 383 777 grant to increase the pay of higher-education institution teachers for the final four months of this year, Minister for Education said August 18.
New study year brings uncertainty to universities
How is it planned to organize studies at higher education institutions? Riga Stradiņš University (RSU) and Daugavpils University spoke to Latvian Television August 8 about the new study order. 
Larger schools unlikely to operate fully on-site
In the larger schools of Latvia, it is unlikely that full on-site learning will start in September, say principals. Options differ but all agree that some remote learning would be involved, Latvian Radio reported August 5.
Educators Union: Extra duties for teachers unacceptable
Inga Vanaga, head of the Latvian Trade Union of Education and Science Employees (LIZDA), said July 30 on Latvian Television that if the new school year involves remote learning, it could impose extra duties and costs for teachers.
OECD praises Latvian educational project "Tava klase"
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has included the educational TV “Tava klase” created by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) among the best educational projects in the world during the pandemic, IZM said on July 9.
Latvian schools lack high-speed Internet
A quarter of Latvian rural schools still do not have a high-quality high-speed Internet that would help with learning online, Latvian Television reported on July 4.
Latvia becomes member of European Space Agency
This week, June 24 2020, the Council of the European Space Agency (ESA) approved Latvia as an associated Member State of ESA, informed the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) Communications Division on June 26.