Presidents Macron and Levits discuss dangers to digital democracy
President Emmanuel Macron of France and President Egils Levits of Latvia are among the participants in a discussion on digital democracy and the dangers it faces, being hosted September 30 by the NATO Strategic Communicaitons Center of Excellence (STRATCOMCOE) in Rīga. 
Anete shows you the way into 'ie-' words
Our favourite YouTuber, Anete Germane, has been busy in the production suite again to bring you another glimpse into the linguistic richness and strangeness of the Latvian language.
Podcast: Ulf Andreasson on 'Nordic gold'
We are pleased to bring you another of the podcasts produced by the Stockholm School of Economics in Rīga in which LSM editor Mike Collier talks to guests who are experts in a particular field, from CEOs and artists to media strategists and researchers.
VIDEO: LAMPA festival live!
The LAMPA conversation festival takes place at various venues across Latvia Setember 2-5 with discussions in Latvian, English and Russian.
Documentary examines the miracle of the Baltic Way
Thirty-one years on, the Baltic Way remains an extraordinary event, with current events in Belarus providing a timely reminder of the power of peaceful civil demonstration in the face of brutality and totalitarianism.
Party hard down at the graveyard... Latvian-style!
Providing welcome respite from the current slew of depressing and morbid headlines dominating the news is our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, the self-styled "Irregular Latvian", who is here to cheer you all up with an account of Latvians' love of hanging out in graveyards, cemeteries and anywhere else likely to house the final remains of former family members.
Documentary examines failure of the "national Communists"
Latvian Television's series of short historical documentary films 'The Keys' continues with a very interesting account of how internal struggles within the Communist Party in occupied Latvia were to have far-reaching consequences
'Latvian talents' visits ideas man in tram
The 'Latvian talents' series of short films from the Latvian Institute continues with another subtitled exploration of a corner of the country that you might not have seen before.
Latvian YouTuber plays her kokle online
Our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, is back with another of her videos, this time sitting in the middle of a field and playing the traditional Latvian 'kokle' musical instrument for the entertainment, education and edification of the Internet.
See Latvia's rural private cinema museum on the small screen
The Latvian institute's series of short films looking at various people and places in Latvia is continuing online, with the latest episode involving presenter Kristīne Komarovska taking a trip to a unique private museum in out-of-the-way Vecpiebalga dubbed the "Cinema Farm".
Let's go to the swamp with Anete!
Our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, is back with another in her series of 'Irregular Latvian' online videos and this time she has chosen a subject the attractions of which may not be immediately apparent to non-Latvians: the swamp.