Būris: How to deal with Europe's demographic deficit?
Europe, the "old continent" is getting even older, with low birth rates and longer life expectancy. The number of people of working age is declining and the number of Europeans who will have to be supported by an old-age pension system is increasing. 
Būris: Can nationalism and globalization co-exist?
In the current European Parliament (EP) term, following the 2019 elections, a number of right-wing parties formed a new group, Identity and Democracy, in the process becoming the fifth-largest group out of a total of seven political groups in the EP. It brings together 73 members from various countries including France, Germany, Italy and Estonia.
Būris: How to decide a European minimum wage?
In order to guarantee a decent minimum wage for workers throughout the European Union (EU), the European Parliament (EP) has begun work on a proposal for common principles for calculating the minimum wage in EU countries. 
Būris: How to tackle the gender pay gap in the EU?
The causes of and likely remedies for inequality in pay between men and women form the focus for the latest in the 'Būris' series of discussions helmed from Brussels by LTV's Ilze Nagla.
Irregular Latvian steals the show
Our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, is back with another of her entertaining and educational 'Irregular Latvian' videos. This time the subject is: thievery!
Būris: Will the post-Covid economy be greener than before?
LTV's Brussels corresponsdent Ilza Nagla returns with another discussion from the heart of the European Union, this time considering the current tension between populist political rhetoric and uncomfortable scientific fact on issues such as vaccines and particularly global environmental decline.
Būris: Will Europeans have to eat less meat?
Latvian Television has unveiled a new discussion format called 'Būris' (Cage) to air and share views from Europe on a range of topical and sometimes controversial issues.
Here's an Irregular Latvian 'tu'-torial!
Our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, is back with another entertaining and educational video, this time tackling a topic that causes headaches to any learner of Latvian: whether to use 'tu', 'jūs' 'Tu' or 'Jūs' when addressing other people.
It's 'Itin' innit?
Our favorite YouTuber is back with another of her 'Irregular Latvian' lessons for the linguistically curious.
Not for beginners: Advanced Midsummer Masterclass!
Our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, is back with a special edition of her 'Irregular Latvian' videos, this time offering a not-for-the-fainthearted linguistic masterclass in all things Midsummer.
SSE Rīga podcast ponders economic aspects of pandemic
The Stockholm School of Economics in Rīga (SSE Rīga) has another in its series of factual podcasts prepared, with the latest focussing on the financial and macroeconomic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in Latvia and beyond. 
Watch: Nordic Approach to the European Green Deal
From 13:00 Rīga time (GMT +2) on March 24, the Nordic Baltic business forum will focus on the Nordic Approach to the European Green Deal and Green transition in Latvia, and LSM will be providing a live stream of the event.
Irregular Latvian news roundup!
Our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, a.k.a. the Irregular Latvian, is back with a roundup of major, minor, trivial and terrific Latvian news stories for English speakers.
Documentary traces Latvia's accession to the EU and NATO
Latvian Television (LTV) has prepared another in its series of short historical documentary films, 'The Keys' complete with English-language subtitles, looking at important moments and subjects in Latvian history.

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