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Here's an Irregular Latvian 'tu'-torial!
Our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, is back with another entertaining and educational video, this time tackling a topic that causes headaches to any learner of Latvian: whether to use 'tu', 'jūs' 'Tu' or 'Jūs' when addressing other people.
It's 'Itin' innit?
Our favorite YouTuber is back with another of her 'Irregular Latvian' lessons for the linguistically curious.
SSE Rīga podcast ponders economic aspects of pandemic
The Stockholm School of Economics in Rīga (SSE Rīga) has another in its series of factual podcasts prepared, with the latest focussing on the financial and macroeconomic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in Latvia and beyond. 
Watch: Nordic Approach to the European Green Deal
From 13:00 Rīga time (GMT +2) on March 24, the Nordic Baltic business forum will focus on the Nordic Approach to the European Green Deal and Green transition in Latvia, and LSM will be providing a live stream of the event.
Irregular Latvian news roundup!
Our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, a.k.a. the Irregular Latvian, is back with a roundup of major, minor, trivial and terrific Latvian news stories for English speakers.
'Responding to the infodemic' discussion
Wednesday, December 2 sees Latvia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs taking a leading part in a live online discussion under the auspices of the United Nations about COVID-19-related misinformation and disinformation.
Documentary tells the tale of Latvia's 1918 Independence Day
Latvian Television has prepared another in its series of short historical documentaries, and this one could not be more topical, telling of the events of November 18, 1918 -- the day Latvia proclaimed its indepdendence -- as well as events leading up to it.
Documentary examines history of Latvian Radio
LTV's series of short historical documentaries continues under the banner of 'The Keys', looking at a subject dear to our hearts. This time around the starting year is 1925 and the foundation of the first Latvian Radio station.

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