Test yourself on Lāčplēsis Day history
Lāčplēsis Day is the day upon which Latvia's soldiers are honored, and though it coincides with the day upon which the end of the First World War is commemorated in many other countries, the Latvian events are subtly different, officially marking the day in 1919 when a crucial victory against allied German and White Russian forces was won in the fledgling republic, which had declared independence a year earlier.
Why did Latvians choose German surnames?
Kalniņš, from the Latvian for mountain, then Bergs, from the German for mountain, followed by Kalniņš again – that's a plausible progression of surnames in a Latvian family history, given that many people retain surnames with Teutonic roots. Why and how did Latvians assume German surnames? Demographer Ilmārs Mežs and Imants Cīrulis of the Latvian National History Museum explain this peculiar trend in Latvian history in an interview with Latvian Radio's The Known in the Unknown program.
Architectural History: the Hansa Platform
The magic of Latvian architectural heritage is hidden in its diversity. Not necessarily are buildings restored to their original appearance: they are adapted to new functions, economic and environmental aspects. One such building is the Hansa Platform (Hanzas perons) in Riga. 
Why Lenin rings a bell in Liepāja
On August 23, 1991, on the anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939), the Liepāja section of the Latvian Popular Front held a picket at the USSR's War Fleet Officers' House. That same day, the nation toppled Lenin's monument. Later, the bronze leader was remade into bells, all the funds derived from their sale donated to charity.
The Baltic Way: 31 years later
August 23, 2020 marks 31 years since the historical Baltic Way, also known as the Baltic chain - a human chain weaving through all three Baltic States August 23, 1989.
Architectural history: the Ērmaņi Manor
There are not many manor houses in Latvia whose renovation and restoration works take place patiently, at a slow pace, in a deliberately long and thoroughly planned manner. One such manor lies in Maliena, Vidzeme — the Ērmaņi Manor (Hermannshof) master’s house.
Medieval Valmiera Castle ruins to rise again
This summer Valmiera castle ruins are surrounded by construction noises. The restoration of historic walls, as well as the oldest pharmacy in the Baltic have started here, Vidzeme Television reported August 13 .
Architectural history: Dailes Theater
The building of Dailes Theater in Rīga is a monumental example of modernism in architecture. Through changes of powers in force, the contrast of fluttering theater art and architectural boldness have remained the same.
World War II partisan bunker found in the woods of Latvia
A World War II partisan bunker has been found in the Kurzeme woods near Renda, said the Museum of the National Resistance Movement August 3. The bunker contained a number of pieces of historical evidence, now complementing the museum's display.
Architectural history: the town of Kuldīga
The town of Kuldīga, at first glance, is one of these picturesque places on tourism guide covers and postcards. But this is not just a mask: the town lives and breathes its authenticity, maintained by residents and appreciated by visitors.
Architectural history: Oleri Manor
Oleri Manor (Ohlershof) is a true gem of the Northern Vidzeme part of Latvia. It is especially valuable not only due to its history and visual restoration but also the work that has been put into it to revive the building as a cultural hub.
Historic 'Welles Declaration' remembered 80 years on
July 23, 2020 is exactly 80 years since the United States of America issued the "Welles Declaration", a document which formed the basis for the crucial and longstanding non-recognition of the Soviet Union's spurious claims to the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
450-year-old inscription discovered at Cēsis Castle
The famous castle in the town of Cēsis in central Latvia is a well-trodden site for tourists and archaeologists alike, but a new discovery shows it still has a few secrets and surprises within its ancient walls.
1933 calendar lists ten commandments for tourists
A calendar, historically, was not just a day-indicator: it has also tried to be an encyclopedia and an adviser for different life situations. For example, the 'Household and Medical Calendar for 1933' lists 10 commandments for tourists.
It happened here: LTV program to promote tourism in Latvia
The Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) will support Mistrus Media, Latvian Television and Culture Capital Foundation co-production broadcast "Tas notika šeit" (It happened here), LIAA public relations department reported on June 15.
Latvia marks June 1941 deportations
Ceremonies and services were taking place across Latvia June 14 remembering the thousands of people deported to Siberia by the Soviet Union.
Step-by-step: build your own shingle roof
Oskars Mežnieks, born in Rīga but succumbed to Latgale's charm, builds wood-shingle roofs and teaches the old skill to others. Latvian Television program "Pūra lāde" (The Dowry Chest) took a closer look at the master and his trade.

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