102nd anniversary of de jure recognition of the Republic of Latvia
On January 26, 2023, Latvia marks the 102nd anniversary of the international recognition of the Republic of Latvia, when at the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers, with the participation of the Prime Ministers of Belgium, France, Great Britain, and Italy, and the representative of Japan, it was decided to grant de jure recognition to Latvia.
Liberation of Latgale commemorative events planned
Celebrating the 103rd anniversary of the liberation of Latgale, the 3rd Latgale Brigade of the National Guard will organize a series of commemorative events in cooperation with local municipalities in Latvia's eastern region.
'Christmas battles' commemorated in Latvia
Officials and members of the public commemorated the 'Christmas Battles' of more than a century ago on January 7, events which marked an important staging-post in Latvia's move towards independence.
Watch: Dietrich André Loeber centenary conference
January 4 brings with it an interesting conference about an important figure in Latvian history: Dietrich André Loeber, or to give him his Latvianized name, Dītrihs Andrejs Lēbers (1923-2004).
Rīga changes Russia-related street names
The Rīga City Council decided on December 14 to change the names of Brantkalna, Pikuļa, Staraja Rusas, and Keldiša Street in the capital, LETA reported.
Women against Soviet regime exhibit to open at KGB museum
On December 5, an exhibition dedicated to the politically repressed women in the Soviet regime, "Rožu iela" (Street of Roses) will be unveiled at the KGB museum ('corner house'), Brīvības Street 61. The exhibition will focus on women who gave their lives to the resistance movement in Latvia and served a sentence, LSM reported.
Rīga's Christmas trees have been chosen
Rīga – which we barely need to remind you is the home of the Christmas tree – has chosen two prime specimens to stand in the center of the city this year.
Independence day marked in Latvia
On Friday, November 18, Latvia celebrates the 104th anniversary of the country's proclamation, with various events taking place throughout the country. Some of these are streamed live on Latvian Television (LTV) and on LSM.
Over 120 Soviet-glorifying objects taken down in Latvia
According to the information provided by Latvian local governments, all 69 Soviet regime-glorifying objects included in the regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers have been dismantled within the specified deadline – until November 15. 55 more objects have been dismantled on municipalities' own initiative, Ministry of Culture's representative Lita Kokale told LETA Monday.
Rīga unveils restored memorial at Sudrabkalniņš
On Monday, October 31, the restored memorial site for the soldiers of the Riga 6th Infantry Regiment was unveiled. A procession of torches also marked the 85th anniversary of this memorial site, Latvian Television reported.
Teikmanis: We need to keep talking about the Holocaust
On October 25, the head of the Office of the President, Andris Teikmanis, addressed participants of an international seminar titled: "Why is Holocaust education relevant in 2022?" using the occasion to stress that further steps need to be taken to ensure events relating to the Holocaust are not forgotten.
Video: Liepāja Soviet monument dismantled
In Liepāja on Tuesday, October 25, the dismantling of the “Liepaja defenders” monument was launched, reports Rus.LSM.lv. This facility in Liepaja is one of three that has been recognized as glorifying the Soviet regime and is therefore to be demolished by November 15 of this year.
KGB museum could face closure due to building safety concerns
If the manager of the historic building, so-called 'Corner House', which houses the branch of the Occupation Museum with the KGB exhibition, does not prevent safety violations identified by the State Fire and Rescue Service, the museum could close and the building would lose operation rights in 2024, Latvian Radio reported on October 12.
Two contenders for dismantling Soviet monuments in Daugavpils
This week the Daugavpils City Council announced a procurement contest for the design and dismantling of two objects glorifying the Soviet regime in Daugavpils, and two companies registered in Latvia and Lithuania applied for work, Latvian Radio reported on October 11.
More Soviet-glorifying objects up for dismantling in Rīga
Several more symbols of the Soviet regime will be removed from the streets of the capital and building facades in the near future, according to the Rīga City Council's Development Committee, Latvian Television reported on September 26.
'Presidential oaks' planted in Jelgava
Celebrating the birthday of the first president of Latvia Jānis Čakste (in office 1922–1927) a 'presidential square' has been created in Jelgava with an oak planted in honor of each of the ten presidents of Latvia, Latvian Television reported on September 15.
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