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32 years since the Baltic Way
August 23, 2021 marks 32 years since the historical Baltic Way, also known as the Baltic chain - a human chain weaving through all three Baltic States August 23, 1989.
What happened on August 21, 1991?
A new video has been produced by the Latvian Saeima charting the events of August 21, 1991, when Soviet power made one last, desperate bid to re-assert itself by staging a coup in Moscow.
Occupation Museum to host 'Hong Kong Way' exhibition
In a move that seems guaranteed to raise the hackles of the Chinese Communist Party, an exhibition is set to open at the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia that draws parallels between the struggle of the Baltic states to regain independence from the Soviet Union, and pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong thirty years later.
Reader appeals for insignia info
We have been contacted by a reader, Barbara Laimins, who would like to discover the significance of some family items she recently discovered. Perhaps one of our other readers can provide the necessary expertise?
Ancient trades to be taught in digital format
Latgale has begun serious work to preserve old traditions and skills. Ludza Craftspeople Association has launched the production of educational films for the next generations, Latvian Radio reported July 30.
How Latvians had to leave their names behind them
Today, we each have our own last name, which we take with us if we move somewhere. But in the Middle Ages, each man had a name and even what seemed like a surname, but in fact it was not his own surname, but the name of the place from which he came - that is, the name of his house or homestead.
June deportations to be marked with new documentary film
To mark the tragic events of June 14, 1941, when more than 15,000 people were deported from occupied Latvia by order of the Soviet leadership, Latvian Television will premiere director Dzintra Geka's latest documentary "Road to Siberia, 1941".
600-year old furnace found in Rīga castle
A new object has been discovered in the course of the construction work of Riga Castle. Experts estimate it could be an around 600-year-old kitchen hearth or furnace, said Renārs Griškevičs, chair of the State Real Estate (VNĪ) May 24.
Step-by-step: Latvian wooden fence
Almost every culture is familiar with the traditional way of bordering off a territory - the fence. The Latvian Television program "Pūra lāde" (The Dowry Chest) visited weaver Juris Milčs in Jelgava to learn about making a traditional wooden fence.
Centuries-old cannon uncovered in Mērsrags
During construction work of a bridge in the district of Mērsrags, a possibly 17th century cannon was found, Head of Roja Fishing Museum Inese Indriksone told April 22.
World War II bunker unearthed in Kurzeme forest
Finding traces of armed conflct from the past is fairly common in Latvia's extensive forests, but the discovery of a World War Two bunker near Brocēni in Kurzeme region has surprised foresters and historians alike due to its unusually good state of preservation.
How foreign media reported on the Barricades in Latvia
In January 1991, when the Baltic states were caught in crossfire between the Soviet Union and the independence fighters, a crucial role was played by foreign media. LSM spoke to some of the media representatives at the time who helped foreign journalists acquire the information.
The Barricades through the eyes of a teenager
In January 1991, people took to the streets of Baltic capitals and erected makeshift barricades around strategic locations to defend them against Soviet troops wanting to crush the Baltic nations' independence drive. 
Rumbula commemoration to take place in private this year
30 November marks the 79th anniversary of the biggest mass murder of civilians in the history of Latvia when thousands of Latvian Jews were killed in the Rumbula forest near Riga in a two-day Holocaust atrocity of unimaginable brutality.

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