Rīga to gain "Freedom Square"
Riga City Council City Development Committee on Monday, February 19, approved the naming of the territory around the iconic Freedom Monument as "Freedom square" (Brīvības laukums).
It's 100 years since Lithuania declared its independence
On February 16, 1918 Lithuania declared its renewed independence, which had been interrupted by Russia in 1795. The event took place in German-occupied Vilnius, and was the second declaration of independence within a few months. In a key difference from the declaration that had been adopted in 1917, which was dictated by the German powers, the February 16 document stipulated that Lithuania is fully independent both from Germany and Russia.
Renovated Salaspils memorial opens new exhibition
The Salaspils Memorial, a key location in the holocaust history of occupied Latvia has finally unveiled its new permanent exposition, which will tell visitors about the complicated history of the Salaspils camp and will allow them to learn more about the no less complex story of the creation of the memorial itself. 
It's the 50s, and Riga's intelligentsia dreams of France
World War II didn't really end in 1945, for Latvia. More than 100,000 war refugees couldn't go back home. The people who did remain were stripped of their property, with collectivization in full swing. Soviet secret service arrested at least 40,000 people in the years following the war. An episode of a new LTV show, Atslēgas shows how the repressive state tried to take away the last freedom people had left. Namely, their freedom to think. 
The twilight of democratic Russia in 1918
On January 18, 1918 the first and final meeting of the All Russian Constituent Assembly was held in Petrograd to march on the Tauride Palace. The very next day, it was dissolved by the Bolsheviks.
Students working to save the wooden windows of Rēzekne
A group of students in Latvia's eastern Latgale region is working to record one of its most distinctive cultural features - beautiful and sometimes ornate wooden windows that can sometimes be found in even the humblest homes. 
Three things to know about Latvians working for the Cheka
On December 20, 1917 the Council of People's Commissars issued a decree creating an organization, The All-Russian Emergency Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage. This was the Bolshevik secret police. Soon after, an initialism, Cheka, was coined for this horrible organization, which carried out mass terror inside Russia. 
Three facts about Latvian Riflemen taking Petrograd in December 1917
On December 8, 1917 the Russian capital Petrograd saw train arrivals from Vidzeme, carrying soldiers from the 6. Tukums Latvian Riflemen Regiment. Latvian Riflemen were to ensure order in Bolshevik-seized Petrograd. The Bolsheviks among them were entrusted with guarding the Soviet government.
Happy independence day from... everyone!

November 18 is the day upon which the Latvian Republic was declared in 1918, and consequently is independence day - the Latvian equivalent of July 4 in the United States.

Latvia marks Lāčplēša Diena

Speeches and ceremonies are the order of the day November 11 with Latvia holding its day of remembrance (Lāčplēša Diena) for the military and freedom fighters who dies during the struggle for independence. 

Latvia at a crossroads: November 1917

It's 1917, and it's a dramatic year in Latvian and Russian history. It's a time when revolutions and new ideas are born. Societies wearied by war are looking for ways out. Latvia has to choose between submitting to German occupation, marching with the Bolsheviks, or trying to become independent, writes the historian Jānis Šiliņš. 

Watch: Timothy Snyder speaks in Riga

October 16 saw American academic Timothy Snyder in Riga to deliver the annual lecture marking Isaiah Berlin Day (the famous British philosopher was born in the Latvian capital).

Giant flag hoisted on windy day

Visitors to the Latvian capital cannot fail to notice a new element of the famous Riga skyline from October 18 with the unfurling of a very large new flag. 

'Forest brothers' in the CIA archives - Under the reins of the KGB

Latvia's national partisans - the Forest brothers - supported western secret service infiltration into what was then the Latvian SSR (as well as continuing active resistance to occupying forces). The available documents from the cache of recently declassified CIA documents testify that all of these operations failed, to the degree that the agency began to suspect Baltic partisan movements were covertly controlled by Soviet secret services.

Search for grave of Latvia's pre-war prime minister called off

The search for the grave site of Karlis Ulmanis, the last prime minister of Latvia before 1940, has been called off as it will be impossible to find, ex-President and Karlis Ulmanis' grand-nephew Guntis Ulmanis said in an interview with Latvijas Avize newspaper.

Rare opportunity to visit St. Meinhard's island by foot

As the Riga Hydroelectric Power Station has lowered water levels, locals and tourists have a rare opportunity to walk rather than take a boat to the Ikšķile church ruins, located on St. Meinhard's island on Daugava River. The church may be called the place where Christianity began in Latvia.