450-year-old inscription discovered at Cēsis Castle
The famous castle in the town of Cēsis in central Latvia is a well-trodden site for tourists and archaeologists alike, but a new discovery shows it still has a few secrets and surprises within its ancient walls.
1933 calendar lists ten commandments for tourists
A calendar, historically, was not just a day-indicator: it has also tried to be an encyclopedia and an adviser for different life situations. For example, the 'Household and Medical Calendar for 1933' lists 10 commandments for tourists.
It happened here: LTV program to promote tourism in Latvia
The Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) will support Mistrus Media, Latvian Television and Culture Capital Foundation co-production broadcast "Tas notika šeit" (It happened here), LIAA public relations department reported on June 15.
Latvia marks June 1941 deportations
Ceremonies and services were taking place across Latvia June 14 remembering the thousands of people deported to Siberia by the Soviet Union.
Step-by-step: build your own shingle roof
Oskars Mežnieks, born in Rīga but succumbed to Latgale's charm, builds wood-shingle roofs and teaches the old skill to others. Latvian Television program "Pūra lāde" (The Dowry Chest) took a closer look at the master and his trade.
The story of the Latvian anthem, pt. 2.
Personal stories make up the second part of a piece dedicated to the song Dievs, svētī Latviju! (God Bless Latvia), which was made the national anthem a hundred years ago this day. 
The story of the Latvian anthem, pt. 1.
It was just a regular choir song, albeit one hated by censors and subject to burning. Dievs, svētī Latviju! (God Bless Latvia!), this song of songs, has accompanied Latvians through wars and foreign invasions, to be reborn again as a national symbol. June 7 marks a hundred years since this song was officially recognized as the Latvian anthem in 1920. 
Test yourself on the Latvian anthem
June 7 marks the 100th anniversary after Dievs, svētī Latviju! (God Bless Latvia) was proclaimed the official Latvian anthem. On this occasion, our history buffs have prepared a quiz so you could test your knowledge about this genteel song of yore and today.
Step-by-step: wooden fence
Almost every culture is familiar with the traditional way of bordering off a territory - the fence. The Latvian Television program "Pūra lāde" (The Dowry Chest) visited weaver Juris Milčs in Jelgava to learn about making a traditional wooden fence.
Happy Europe Day
May 9 is Europe Day - a day to celebrate our beautiful and varied continent. It is 70 years since the groundbreaking Schuman Declaration laid the first foundation stone for what would eventually become the European Union. 
Latvian protest culture: then and now
As Latvian democracy celebrates two major anniversaries in 2020, historian Imants Cīrulis told Latvian Radio about forms of protest in the past and nowadays.
Baltic presidents release joint 'VE Day' message
The presidents of the three Baltic states have released a joint letter ahead of May 8 and 'Victory in Europe Day', when most countries in Europe mark the nominal end of the Second World War.
Latvia quietly marks 30 years of restored independence
Ceremonies, speeches and gatherings around tables are usually the order of the day across Latvia May 4 when the country marks the restoration of its independence, but with COVID-19 emergency measures still in place, this year's 30-year celebrations are a little quieter and more private than originally planned, though no less significant for that.
Constitutional Convention secretary's relative gifts museum rare photo
The National History Museum (LNVM) received a historically significant gift on the 100th anniversary of the day the Constitutional Convention was convened when convention secretary's relative gifted a large-format photograph of a meeting that was held on January 28, 1921, according to museum representative Toms Ķikuts.
U.S. sailors remembered 70 years on
A ceremony took place off the Latvian coast near Liepāja April 8 to remember United States military personnel lost when their PB4Y-2 Privateer plane crashed into the Baltic Sea on April 8, 1950 after being shot down by Soviet La-11s.
A Latgalian Progressive – the Legacy of Jezups Trasuns 
Latgale’s most renowned politician is Francis Trasuns (1864-1926), who led the movement for the reunification of Latgale with Vidzeme and Kurzeme in 1917-1918. While working in the shadows of his famous uncle, Jezups Trasuns (1898-1978), a four-time MP in the Latvian Saeima, established his own reputation as a progressive from Latgale and aligned himself with social-democratic issues. He earned a short prison term under Kārlis Ulmanis' regime, and 15 years in Siberia during Soviet occupation after refusing to become a puppet minister in the 1940 occupation government.
Why the Estonia-Latvia border was drawn with a British diplomat's pen
"Estonia must understand that Latvia is stronger than Estonia," reads a bellicose column in the June 1920 issue of the Latvijas Sargs newspaper. Similar utterances could be found in almost every single newspaper at the time, and the Estonian press followed suit. Latvian diplomat Oļģerds Grosvalds went so far as to warn Foreign Minister Zigfrīds Meierovics to abstain from military clashes with Estonia, as this could cause a catastrophe.