Latvian log rafting makes UNESCO cultural heritage list
The UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage has decided to include in its representative list of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity the "timber rafting" traditions of several countries, which also includes the value of the Latvian National Intangible Cultural Heritage – the craft skills of the Gauja rafters, representatives of the Latvian National Cultural Center announced.
Three for the Weekend: Snowy Season
Now that the Latvian 'patriotic week' with independence celebration and remembrance days has passed and the ground is covered white, it is officially allowed to start waiting for the winter holiday season. Here are some ideas how.
November 18 events in Rīga guide
Friday, November 18, is the Day of the Independence Proclamation in Latvia. As usual, the day is marked by events throughout the country. Last two years have been quiet due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but this year the celebration is back.
Three for the Weekend: Lāčplēsis Spirit
Mid-November in Latvia is the time to remember the troops fallen for the country's freedom. Here are some ideas to mark the occasion and enhance or test your knowledge of the history surrounding Lāčplēsis Day on November 11.
Latvian folk costume coloring for kids
As you may or may not know, in Latvia children have their own national folk costumes, which are different to adult costumes. Often even children themselves are not familiar with folk costumes, unless they happen to be active in some dance, musical or other folk-related field.
The Madliena Manor: on sale for €1 but no takers
Madliena Manor, restored in 1912, has been on sale for a long time for €1, but there are no buyers. Meanwhile, the building with 70 rooms is crumbling. Latvian Radio broadcast Kultūršoks (Culture Shock) of October 21 explored why.
Latvian animation contender for European Film Awards
The European Film Awards contenders were announced on October 19 in the categories of comedy, animated feature films, and short films. The Latvian director Signe Baumane's film "My Love Affair With Marriage" will fight for the title of the best European animated feature film this year.
Popular Kaņepe Culture Center to close doors
The popular Kaņepe Culture Center (KKC) will no longer be linked to a specific location and, after more than a decade of operation, the pub will cease operations on October 23, 2022, KKC said on social media.
Rīga Circus reconstruction in final stages
With a new arena, spaces, and reconstructed historic entrance, the Riga Circus is about to prepare for its first shows, with the ambitious construction already on the finish line, Latvian Radio reported on October 18.
Levits: Latvian language must be national priority
To mark the State Language day of October 15, a discussion on Latvian language in university and science took place Monday, October 17, in which Latvia's President Egils Levits invited experts and the public to think about the place of Latvian language in the world. 
Three for the Weekend: Language, films, fair
The so-called 'Latvian golden autumn' is truly here, so take some time to go outside and admire the yellowness of it all. Here are some activities you can do alongside that.
Three for the Weekend: Autumn harvest
This weekend, undoubtedly, is significant for all Latvian citizens and eligible voters as the 14th parliamentary elections take place Saturday, October 1. When the ballot is cast, though, there is still a lot of time to enjoy oneself. On September 29, Latvians celebrate Miķeļi or Miķeļdiena – a harvest festival at the autumn solstice. Pay attention to the fruitful harvest this weekend!
LAMPA festival 2023 dates announced
The ninth conversation festival LAMPA will be held on June 9 and 10, 2023, in Cēsis urban environment, the organizers said Tuesday.
Three for the Weekend: run, eat, relax
Autumn breeze has been whirling through Latvia - but don't let it scare you! Here are some events indoors and outdoors for a beautiful weekend.
Rīga International Film Festival announces full program
The Riga International Film Festival (RIGA IFF) will bring together local and international audiences for the ninth time this year, and organizers have now relased the full festival program, which is divided into 12 sections and 6 competitions. It is available on the festival website:
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