November 18 celebration guide
On November 18, the 103rd anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia will be widely celebrated with live concerts in the capital and regions, as well as with cultural events that can be watched on Latvian Television online. You can see the full schedules at the LTV webpage, with links to the various shows on both LTV1 and the Viseim online channel.
Three for the Lockdown Weekend in Latvia: cultural adventures
Another weekend has arrived with tough restrictions still in place. The weather appears rather gloomy, so it might be tempting to stay indoors. Here are some ideas, outdoors and indoors, to spend your lockdown weekend responsibly.
Three for the Lockdown Weekend in Latvia
Due to the tough restrictions imposed in the country, venues where gatherings could take place are closed, including even some outdoor venues. Trick-or-treating might also be difficult unless you want to do it in the middle of the day. Here are some ideas how you could keep busy outdoors and indoors after curfew.
Latvian National Film Award postponed to 2022
Due to the lockdown introduced in Latvia until November 15, the Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps has been postponed to February 24-27, 2022, organizers said October 26.
Rīga International Film Festival starts Thursday
The 8th edition of the Rīga International Film Festival (RIGA IFF) opens today, on 14 October. With more than 100 films screening in 10 thematic sections, including several competitions, this year's festival will not only take place at the Splendid Palace cinema, the “home” of RIGA IFF, and at the National Library of Latvia, but also in Madona, Valmiera and online throughout Latvia. Tickets for all RIGA IFF screenings can be found on the festival's website.
LTV talent show wants to see what you've got
Latvian Television (LTV) has announced the start of a large-scale participant selection process for a new talent show "Ko tu proti, Latvija?" (Literally "What can you do, Latvia?" but officially rendered as “Show your talents, Latvia!”) which will air next Spring.
Three for the Weekend: take a hike
It is yet unclear what restrictions will be in place in the coming weeks. However, it is safe to assume that a walk or a hike will always be permitted. Here are some ideas for organized hikes in the city and in nature. Pick one or design your own route, as the golden autumn is here!
New cinema to open in Rīga Friday
On October 1, the Estonian cinema network “Apollo Kino” will open a new movie theater at the Rīga Plaza mall, representatives of Apollo Kino said. 
New location for Goethe Institut in Rīga
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If not, then you can now learn it in the new state-of- the-art premises of the Goethe Institut. The landmark German centre in Riga has moved to a new address.
Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries starts this week
The 25th Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries will run on 1-12 September in Rīga and online, with a total of 18 film projects to be presented at the training and pitching forum, as well as a program of masterclasses and film screenings, say organizers.

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