Rigas Ritmi 2019 will celebrate 100 years of jazz in Europe
Music festival Rigas Ritmi (Riga Rhythms), featuring improvisation, jazz and world music, will be happening in Latvia again at the beginning of July, organizers have announced. It is the 19th year of the festival and this time it will celebrate 100 years of jazz in Europe.
Jazz pianist Justin Kauflin: "There is always somebody better"
In March the American jazz piano virtuoso Justin Kauflin and his trio performed at Dzintari Concert hall in Jūrmala and then enjoyed the weekend in Latvia before heading to their next concert on a completely different continent. During his stay, LSM's Aiga Leitholde met Justin for an interview and talked about life on the road, the importance of having an artistic mentor and the influence of jazz greats like Clark Terry and Quincy Jones.
Popular webcam birds return for yet another season
The hugely popular online streams from birds' nests, which amassed around 3.5 million views last year, are returning this season with live streaming starting from goshawk, osprey, black stork and lesser spotted eagle nests.
Writer Andra Neiburga passes away at 62
Andra Neiburga, a literary icon who was able to put humane feeling into literature touching upon the turbulence of the 1990s, passed away on March 2, reported LSM's Latvian-language service.
Museum offers return to the USSR
The Culture House of the Aizkraukle parish, central Latvia, has unveiled the largest exhibition on the Soviet era in the Baltics. Spanning three stories, it covers all the areas of Soviet life. Curators of the Padomju gadi (Soviet Years) exhibition stress that life went on during the Soviet era despite all the bleakness and pain. 
Poet takes over at highbrow literary magazine
Latvia's infamous introverted writers are quaking in their suede loafers at the news that the most terrifying of existential concepts - change - is taking place at one of their favorite literary publications.