Three for the Weekend: Barricades, Charity, Food
This weekend in Latvia is the beginning of the time Latvia commemorates the 1991 barricades, which served a crucial role in the Latvian fight for freedom, and a time to think about being together as one. 
People less satisfied with Rīga's cultural life than four years ago
Residents' satisfaction with cultural life in Rīga has deteriorated over the past four years. Less satisfied with cultural life in the capital are the Russian-speakers. In the Ministry of Culture, it is linked to a lack of offers arising from the cessation of cultural relations with Russia, Latvian Radio reported on January 3.
What to do on New Year's Eve, according to Latvian folklore
A New Year's Eve of some sort is celebrated in most cultures, and Latvian tradition on this day is rich. LSM's Latvian-language service has compiled some beliefs on what will happen if you do particular things on New Year's Eve.
Three for New Year's Eve in Rīga
A party in a Riga bar, dinner in an elegant restaurant, a tango on the dancefloor or a family celebration under the starry sky in the city - the opportunities to properly say goodbye to 2022 and welcome the New 2023 in Riga this season have been laid out in this piece from Live Rīga.
What Latvians believe about weather at Christmas
At the winter solstice, the night is as long as it gets. Latvians have long determined it to be an essential time to observe weather and predict the spring and summer weather.
Solstice and Christmastime events in Rīga
On winter solstice and Christmas, various events will take place in Rīga to appease both those celebrating the pagan and Christian festivals and everything in between.
Three Walks for the Weekend in Latvia
Now that everything is white all across Latvia, it is worth seizing the opportunity to go on some nature walks while everything looks pristine – particularly as a thaw is predicted next week that will likely spoil the effect. Here are some ideas for places that turn into a little winter wonderland in weather like this. But don't forget your woolly mittens and socks!
Abandoned mall in Kuldīga transforms into culture center
Empty shopping mall spaces have temporarily become Kuldīga Culture Center. According to the staff of the Center, the project is unique, all interior has been transferred from the old cultural center which is undergoing construction works, including a cinema, Latvian Radio reported on December 15.
2023 will be year of Livonian cultural heritage
In order to promote Latvia's Livonian culture and language, the Livonian Institute of the University of Latvia in cooperation with the UNESCO Latvian National Commission and the Latvian National Cultural Center on December 7 declared 2023 the year of Livonian heritage.
No more VIP Song Festival tickets for Saeima deputies
Members of the Saeima have been removed from the list of persons who will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the Latvian Song Festival in advance of everyone else, Minister of Culture Nauris Puntulis (National Alliance) said December 8, citing information from the Latvian National Culture Center (LNKC).
Acclaimed Latvian movie 'January' to get more U.S. screenings
Latvia's entry for this year's Academy Awards – the feature film “January” (Janvāris) by director Viesturs Kairišs – will soon be screened in New York and Malibu, giving American audiences a chance to see the acclaimed drama.
Latvian log rafting makes UNESCO cultural heritage list
The UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage has decided to include in its representative list of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity the "timber rafting" traditions of several countries, which also includes the value of the Latvian National Intangible Cultural Heritage – the craft skills of the Gauja rafters, representatives of the Latvian National Cultural Center announced.
Three for the Weekend: Snowy Season
Now that the Latvian 'patriotic week' with independence celebration and remembrance days has passed and the ground is covered white, it is officially allowed to start waiting for the winter holiday season. Here are some ideas how.
November 18 events in Rīga guide
Friday, November 18, is the Day of the Independence Proclamation in Latvia. As usual, the day is marked by events throughout the country. Last two years have been quiet due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but this year the celebration is back.
Three for the Weekend: Lāčplēsis Spirit
Mid-November in Latvia is the time to remember the troops fallen for the country's freedom. Here are some ideas to mark the occasion and enhance or test your knowledge of the history surrounding Lāčplēsis Day on November 11.
Latvian folk costume coloring for kids
As you may or may not know, in Latvia children have their own national folk costumes, which are different to adult costumes. Often even children themselves are not familiar with folk costumes, unless they happen to be active in some dance, musical or other folk-related field.
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