Culture to be funded from excise tax
Latvia's chief culture-funding institution, the State Culture Capital Foundation, will be funded from part of the taxes levied on tobacco, alcohol and gambling starting 2022, the government ruled June 12. 
Contemporary art museum design to be completed despite ABLV crash
Despite the implosion of ABLV Bank -- which spelled a funding freeze in the foundation that would have paid for the construction of Latvia's €30m Museum of Contemporary Art -- patrons will provide funding of more than €1m to finish the design up to the construction phase.
Culture portal releases second centenary magazine
Latvian parenting methods, LGBT rights, history, Latvian centenary films and novels, music, behind-the-scenes action at the London Book Fair--all this and more is examined in culture portal's second edition of the special "Centenary Magazine" in English.
Latvian architect named among Europe's 40 young talents
The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies has named Latvia's Austris Mailītis among the most promising talents of Europe in its "Europe 40under40" list of the most important and emerging young architects and designers, the Culture Ministry said May 17.
Heartfelt reception of classic Latvian film at Cannes
Standing ovations accompanied the premiere of Rolands Kalniņš' classic flick Četri balti krekli (Four White Shirts), which was showcased at the Cannes Festival May 15 in the Cannes Classics program, reported Latvian Radio and LTV.
Quiz: The Latvian language and the modern age
Latvian is a small language by international standards. As modernity and technological progress march onward, many words enter the language, with some becoming popular and others eschewed as artificial-sounding or otherwise unpalatable.
Three for the Weekend: On the lookout
This weekend LSM presents you with a look at some of Latvia's most interesting observation towers providing a princely look at some of the most picturesque areas of the country, at the time of the year when more and more Latvians choose to go to the countryside on the weekends. 
No Eurovision final for Latvia this year
Despite high hopes going into Thursday's Eurovision semi-final in Lisbon, Portugal, Latvian entry Laura Rizzotto failed to make it into Saturday's final with her song Funny Girl.
Guide to collecting your very own birch sap
Drinking birch sap has been very much in vogue for the past years, it would seem. Latvia's markets, stores and cafes all stock this nutrient-rich and refreshing drink. But it's so much better to collect some yourself.