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New location for Goethe Institut in Rīga
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If not, then you can now learn it in the new state-of- the-art premises of the Goethe Institut. The landmark German centre in Riga has moved to a new address.
Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries starts this week
The 25th Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries will run on 1-12 September in Rīga and online, with a total of 18 film projects to be presented at the training and pitching forum, as well as a program of masterclasses and film screenings, say organizers.
New Āgenskalns walking guide available
Residents and visitors to the Āgenskalns district of Rīga might like to know there's a new walking guide to the historic and eclectic area that is now available. 
Old Rīga goes back in time for German historical series
Many people on social media have noticed hundreds of people looking like they've stepped out of 19th century. This is because a German mini-series on the Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi) is being shot in the center of Rīga, Latvian Television reported July 20.
Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival begins Monday
On July 12, the School Youth Song and Dance Festival will start in Latvian municipalities. The first event will be a 'festival car' ride through local governments “Saulesvija” (Weave of sun), greeting local participants until July 29.
Check the weather! Popular Midsummer beliefs
Midsummer is the peak of summer - daylight is as long as it gets. Latvians have long determined it to be an important time to observe weather and predict the harvest, autumn and winter weather.

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