Several museums open doors
Latvian National Art museum and its departments are open to visitors, said museum director Māra Lāce to Latvian Radio on May 19.
Samanta Tina will retain her ticket to Rotterdam
Latvian Eurovision hopeful Samanta Tina may have missed out on a trip to the vast port of Rotterdam this year due to the coronavirus, but on May 16 it was revealed her ticket will be rescheduled rather than cancelled and she will be Latvia's Eurovision entrant next year instead.
Tune in to musical improvisations
Musician and composer Kārlis Auzāns keeps surprising social media audiences with daily minute-long musical improvisations, representatives informed the media on May 15.
Mark Rothko Art Center will re-open to public on May 16
One of Latvia's main tourist attractions, the Mark Rothko Art Center in Daugavpils, will-re-open its doors as of May 16 with six temporary exhibitions and a permanent exhibit featuring original works by artist Mark Rothko, who was born nearby.
Courtyard concerts in Ventspils and Liepāja
Creative teams of the Kurzeme Philharmonic and concert hall "Latvia" have joined in concert series "Atver logu" (Open the Window) in Ventspils City from May 3 until May 16. Meanwhile, Liepāja City carries out a similar series "Pilsētas serenādes" (City Serenades) from May 14 to June 12.
VIDEO: Teaser trailer for 'Soviet Milk' movie released
Film studio "Deviņi" on May 13 released a trailer for its forthcoming adaptation of "Mātes piens" (literally "Mother's milk", though translated into English as "Soviet Milk"), based on Latvian writer Nora Ikstena's popular novella.
Museums begin to open their doors
On May 13, ten museums will open their doors for visitors, said Elīna Vikmane, representative of the Latvian Museum Society, to Latvian Television.
Latvians on virtual parade
The May 4 virtual parade "Put on your folk dress for Latvia" brought together more than 4000 participants on social networks.
“Strong Women” ensemble releases new music video
Volunteer ensemble ”Stiprās sievas” (“Strong Women”) has come together remotely during the state of emergency to record a music video for the song “Vij, Dieviņi, zelta viju” (“Make, God, a Golden Wreath”), according to Latvian Television's “Rīta Panorāma” broadcast on April 27.
Latgalian documentary “Time. People. Language.” to premiere
The Latgalian documentary “Time. People. Language”, which examines the relationship between various Latvian political regimes and the Latgalian language, will premiere online on April 27 at 19:00, according to a Latgale Regional Television broadcast on April 26.
Virtual three for the weekend in Latvia: concert, music video and AR art
Everyone is slowly adapting to the “new reality” of living with social distancing and the Covid-19 novel coronavirus, but that means that virtual entertainment options are expanding. Even if you're self-isolated or self-quarantined it's still the weekend and there's plenty to see and experience while the emergency measures are still in place.
A “Little Light” for a little inspiration
Several members of Latvian groups, such as “Brainstorm” singer Renārs Kaupers, "The Sound Poets" singer Jānis Aišpurs and many others have dedicated their rendition of the song "Gaismiņ, teci man pa priekšu" (“Little Light, Go Ahead of Me”) to a four-year-old girl named Amēlija from Brukna, who is fighting a serious illness, according to Kaupers on April 15.
Discover "Latvian Talents" online
LTV and the Latvian Institute, the government body charged with promoting Latvia overseas, have teamed up to present a new series of short filmd titled "Latvian Talents" showcasing various aspects of Latvian culture.
Being together in the land that sings
Due to the emergency measures put in place to stop the spread of the Covid-19 novel coronavirus, several Latvian choirs are using modern technology and the internet to continue rehearsing and recording new songs in preparation for the next season in the “land that sings”, according to a Latvian Radio broadcast on April 3.
Latvian director wants your Covid-19 story
Latvian documentary director and operator Ivars Zviedris is calling for people to share their experience during the Covid-19 novel coronavirus pandemic for his upcoming documentary covering the state of emergency in Latvia, according to National Film Centre representatives on April 2.