Museum offers return to the USSR
The Culture House of the Aizkraukle parish, central Latvia, has unveiled the largest exhibition on the Soviet era in the Baltics. Spanning three stories, it covers all the areas of Soviet life. Curators of the Padomju gadi (Soviet Years) exhibition stress that life went on during the Soviet era despite all the bleakness and pain. 
Poet takes over at highbrow literary magazine
Latvia's infamous introverted writers are quaking in their suede loafers at the news that the most terrifying of existential concepts - change - is taking place at one of their favorite literary publications.
Latvia's Eurovision trials to be heard on Saturday
Fans of quiet understatement and emotional restraint will have to look the other way January 26 as that is the date upon which the first semi-final of Latvia's annual Eurovision selection show, Supernova, will be committed.
National Library to recount fabulous story of Latvian pioneer of the avant-garde
She was an underrated cultural icon and forerunner of the dramatic avant-garde, perhaps better known outside her native land. The story of Asja Lācis, one of the most culturally powerful women of 20th-century Latvia, will be told at an exhibition opening January 31 on the fourth story of the National Library of Latvia.
€1.24m allocated to cultural events of national importance
The State Culture Capital Foundation this year will provide €1.24 million in co-funding to support 53 projects of national importance, with the largest allocation granted to Riga International Film Festival (RIFF), according to information available on the foundation’s website.
Another cultural year ahead
The year 2019 promises a sustained cultural effort in the form of both private and public initiatives in Latvia.