42,000 sign up for Song and Dance Festival
Online registration for participants in this year's landmark Latvian Song and Dance Festival closed February 13 with more than 40,000 having filled out the necessary forms, the official in charge o the event told Latvian Radio February 14.
Centenary magazine published online
The culture portal satori.lv has published a special "Centenary Magazine" in English listing all the significant cultural events planned for this year in connection with celebrations of the country's founding centenary.
A chance to check out Latvia's Buildings of the Year
More than 100 of the best buildings to appear in Latvia and to be designed by Latvian architects during 2017 have been put online in a photo gallery presented by the Building Design and Construction Council, ahead of annual awards for the buildings of the year.
Best and worst words of 2017 underlined
The best and worst words of 2017 have been named in a joint initiative by the Riga Latvian Society and Latvian Writers' Union for the 15th consecutive year, reports Latvian Television. 
Learn English with Renārs Kaupers!
Popular Latvian musician Renārs Kaupers, a successful solo artist as well as being front man of legendary group Prāta Vētra (Brainstorm) has a charming new proposition - learn the English alphabet with the help of his latest ditty!
The King's Ring premieres in Latvia
One of the past few years' most anticipated movies, The King's Ring (Latvian: Nameja gredzens) premiered on movie screens across Latvia on January 17.
Latvian Radio Big Band goes on US tour
A dream come true for the Latvian Radio Big Band who are performing in New York and Washington on Monday and Wednesday with a set of Latvian music, reports Latvian Radio. 
A Latvian Christmas song selection!
If by now you're tired of dreaming of a white Christmas and are increasingly grateful that it isn't Christmas every day, if your jingle bells have shriveled up in the cold and your chestnuts are burned after leaving them roasting on an open fire, you have our sympathy.
Riga Zoo opens up for night owls
"Night at the Museum" was a hit at the box office and the administration at Riga Zoo is hoping "Night at the Zoo" will prove to be a similar draw as it throws open the famous gates in Mežaparks to the public during the hours of darkness.
Culture foundation funding may be tied to excise tax revenue
A political agreement has been reached over funding Latvia's State Culture Capital Foundation from excise tax revenue gained from cigarette and alcohol sales, as well as from the gambling tax, reported Latvian Radio's Māra Rozenberga on December 11.