Guide to collecting your very own birch sap
Drinking birch sap has been very much in vogue for the past years, it would seem. Latvia's markets, stores and cafes all stock this nutrient-rich and refreshing drink. But it's so much better to collect some yourself. 
Free Daugavpils concert from cello maestro Maksin
Ian Maksin, a world-renowned American cellist, composer and vocalist of Russian descent, will give a free concert in Daugavpils, performing at 6 p.m. on Friday, 9 March 2018 in the concert hall of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre.
Enter the dreams of an artist
Zane Zelmene's Simulacrum is a series of virtual reality objects that take the audience inside the artist's dreams, opening February 22 at the RIX-C gallery. 
ABLV trouble puts question marks over future of modern art museum
Troubles faced by ABLV Bank have put question marks about the future of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Cancellation would wipe out decades' worth of initiatives to allow enthusiasts see how Latvia's art has developed during the previous 50 years, reports Latvian Radio February 20. 
Beloved film critic dies at 95
On February 16 beloved film critic and writer Valentīna Freimane passed away, just before what would have been her 96th birthday. 
42,000 sign up for Song and Dance Festival
Online registration for participants in this year's landmark Latvian Song and Dance Festival closed February 13 with more than 40,000 having filled out the necessary forms, the official in charge o the event told Latvian Radio February 14.
Centenary magazine published online
The culture portal has published a special "Centenary Magazine" in English listing all the significant cultural events planned for this year in connection with celebrations of the country's founding centenary.
A chance to check out Latvia's Buildings of the Year
More than 100 of the best buildings to appear in Latvia and to be designed by Latvian architects during 2017 have been put online in a photo gallery presented by the Building Design and Construction Council, ahead of annual awards for the buildings of the year.