New stamp dedicated to Hartmann Manor in Rīga
Latvian Postal service (Latvijas pasts, LP) will issue a second stamp in the series of Latvian manors, dedicated to Hartmann (Hartmaņa) Manor in Rīga, Kalnciema Street, the postal service said on March 28 .
41,000 potential participants in 2023 Song and Dance festival
Electronic registration of XXVII Latvian Song and XVII Dance Celebration Participants has been completed. Within two weeks, 40,892 potential participants have registered, representatives of the Latvian National Culture Center (LNKC) said March 22. 
Three Exhibitions for the Weekend in Latvia
There is a storm coming this weekend, so it might be best to stay warm and safe indoors. Here are our suggestions for three exhibitions you can check out this weekend.
'Lielais Kristaps' film offer next week in Latvia
The Latvian National film award 'Lielais Kristaps' final events take place February 23 to 26. The entire week, from February 21 to 28, a dedicated program will be available online, according to the award's representatives.
Table for two? Rīga Valentine's Day ideas
While Rīga City Council may not sound like the most romantic institution in the world, their Live Rīga tourism promotion department has drawn up a list of ten suggested Valentine's Day venues for you and your significant other to share a meal, a snack or just a cocktail or two.
Three for the Weekend: Barricades, Charity, Food
This weekend in Latvia is the beginning of the time Latvia commemorates the 1991 barricades, which served a crucial role in the Latvian fight for freedom, and a time to think about being together as one. 
People less satisfied with Rīga's cultural life than four years ago
Residents' satisfaction with cultural life in Rīga has deteriorated over the past four years. Less satisfied with cultural life in the capital are the Russian-speakers. In the Ministry of Culture, it is linked to a lack of offers arising from the cessation of cultural relations with Russia, Latvian Radio reported on January 3.
What to do on New Year's Eve, according to Latvian folklore
A New Year's Eve of some sort is celebrated in most cultures, and Latvian tradition on this day is rich. LSM's Latvian-language service has compiled some beliefs on what will happen if you do particular things on New Year's Eve.
Three for New Year's Eve in Rīga
A party in a Riga bar, dinner in an elegant restaurant, a tango on the dancefloor or a family celebration under the starry sky in the city - the opportunities to properly say goodbye to 2022 and welcome the New 2023 in Riga this season have been laid out in this piece from Live Rīga.
What Latvians believe about weather at Christmas
At the winter solstice, the night is as long as it gets. Latvians have long determined it to be an essential time to observe weather and predict the spring and summer weather.
Solstice and Christmastime events in Rīga
On winter solstice and Christmas, various events will take place in Rīga to appease both those celebrating the pagan and Christian festivals and everything in between.
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