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10 questions to: Harmony

Here are ten questions to the Harmony party ahead of the 13th Saeima elections.

1. Do you plan to reduce public administration?

We will create a compact and more professional public administration. We will optimize public government, carrying out a functional audit and utilizing new opportunities provided by the IT industry. We will liquidate the Privatisation Agency. 

2. What are the three ministries that you would most like to lead?

As it takes political lead, the social democratic party Harmony will take over the offices of the prime minister and finance minister, becoming a candidate for the economic ministries (the ministries of economics and transport), as well as the Education Ministry, and social ministries as well (the welfare and health ministries).

3. How should the work of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) be changed?

We will strengthen KNAB and ensure effective operations.

4. Should Latvia remain within the European Union and NATO?

Of course.

5. Should gambling business be limited in Latvia?

We want to limit it maximally, allowing gambling only in select, specially designated places like 4- and 5-star hotels. At the same time, it should be noted that IT gives ample chance of gambling on the internet, and this limits the state's ability to tackle the substance of this matter.

6. Name three economic measures that could substantially increase budget revenues.

In the near future, we should stop the downward trends in the transit industry; attract foreign investment in industry; improve export capacities in agriculture and food; and fight the shadow economy. In the medium term, we want to develop innovative economic pursuits, attracting IT students, exporting medical services and higher education. 

7. Should defense expenses be increased to 2.5% of GDP within the next few years?

We currently prefer 2% of GDP.

8. Which political forces do you consider as potential allies, and which would you refuse to work with?

The social democratic party Harmony does not draw red lines against any other party.

9. Is another President of Latvia be needed for the next term? What should the criteria be?

The President of Latvia should unite the people and work in its stead. Harmony will offer a presidential candidate of its own.

10. Do you support the Cohabitation Act, which would also provide a basis for legal relations for same-sex couples?

Same-sex couples living in Latvia should have the right to legal support, including in matters related to subsistence, property rights and pensions. But prior to taking any substantial measures in this area we will have a public discussion.

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