Big bog fire raging near Estonian border

In the late hours of July 31 a large bog fire erupted in the Ramata parish, Mazasalaca Municipality, the State Fire and Rescue Service told the press.

Currently the fire has not spread to the nearby forest, the State Forestry Service said. 

"Sadly, due to difficult access... it was impossible [to put out the fire] within the first hours of its outbreak, and the fire is rapidly spreading because withered wild rosemary is highly flammable," the forestry service said.

"Quagmires within the bog territory also make access and putting out the fire difficult," it added.

A total 25 State Fire and Rescue Service firefighters are at work side by side with 15 employees of the forestry service. Estonia has been contacted to see whether firefighters from the neighboring country could be of help.

The fire is burning with an open flame and there's a lot of smoke. A helicopter has been dispatched from the concurrent fire in Valdgale, western Latvia.


The location of the fire lies about 10 km from the border with Estonia. 

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