24% of Russians think Latvia is an unfriendly nation

Around 24% of Russians consider Latvia an unfriendly nation, according to a poll published June 5 by the Russia-based Levada think tank.

Of course, looked at another way, it means that more than three quarters of Russians DON'T consider Latvia an unfriendly nation.

In the survey, which asked Russian residents to name five countries that they see as the least friendly, Latvia shares the third place in the 'most hated' list together with Germany and Lithuania. Meanwhile 69% of Russians consider the US an unfriendly country while 50% consider Ukraine to be one as well.

16% of Russians considered Estonia unfriendly. 

Russians' views on Turkey changed significantly with 8% rating it as a foe this year against 29% last year.

As concerns Russian relations with the EU, 14% of Russians have noted improvement, 21% think EU-Russia ties have worsened while 53% haven't seen any change. 

46% of Russians think the country is isolated, while 45% don't think that's the case.

Belarus (46%) and China (39%) were among the five nations most often named as being friendly, followed by Kazakhstan (34%), Syria (15%), India (14%), Armenia (12%), and Cuba (11%). 

The poll had 1,600 respondents from 48 regions of Russia and took place in May 2017.

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