Latvia launches comedy campaign against fake news

Who said Latvians have no sense of humour? Latvians? Well, they are wrong, as a new government-backed campaign proves.

Titled “Medijs ≠ Komēdijs” or "Media doesn't equal Comedy" (the pun works in Latvian. Kinda) a series of sniggersome video clips aims to stimulate the critical thinking faculties of the general public while simultaneously tickling their funny bones.

A launch event in Rīga October 10 saw culture minister Dace Melbarde standing amid balloons - a sure sign that fun is being had in large doses - and at the end everyone grabbed an old-fashioned car horn and had a good "honk".

Unfortunately there was also one of those creepy mime artists in the room who could be relied upon to walk against the wind, get trapped in a box etc. 

You can watch the video clips below. We won't ruin the jokes by explaining them in detail. Oh, okay. Well, the first one is "based on a true story" as they say in Hollywood and features two old ladies seeing posters that claim a strain of poisonous spider has invaded Latvia. This is complete poppycock and one lady tells the other so in no uncertain terms, rounding off her diatribe with a honk in the face.


The second clip features two young men who, frankly, should have better things to do than sit around playing with their fidget spinners on a park bench in full view of the public. In this case a rumour about being paid to go to school is quickly scotched with a honk to the physiog. Dream on, dude!


The next video in the campaign will feature Will Ferrell and Ricky Gervais in a fishing boat on Lake Burtnieks discussing a rumor that all Latvia's old sugar factories are about to re-open*. Who gets honked? Wait and see!

* This is untrue.
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