Plant wonders: Weed your garden for a nice, fresh salad

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are thinking about ways to strengthen their immunity. Vitamin bombs grow all around - Latvians surely notice them and rush to get their weeds on the table.

Indeed, even plants we normally don't pay attention to or call a nuisance in the garden, are in fact edible and beneficial for our immunity. Expert and doctor of pharmaceutics Vija Eniņa recommends that we go ahead and use the greens that have sprung up.

"Take bishop's goutweed. For salad, it's best to use the leaves that haven't fully opened yet. These will be the juiciest and energy-packed. It's a bit too late for dandelions by now; a nice one is chickweed, a pain to pluck but great to eat," Eniņa says.

"The Queen of all plants - the nettle. Everyone knows what a nettle looks like. Nettle leaves are great in salads, a good source of iron. Sorrel, too, is worth a mention. There's the garlic mustard, which indeed tastes distinctly of garlic.

From garden crops, let's take some chives, dill, celery leaves, parsley. I sometimes like to add a bit of poison - the celandine - one small leaf won't hurt... For flavor, add some mint or cowslip. And then mix in the bulk: tomatoes, cucumbers, oil or sour cream," says Eniņa.

Thus, an all-green, all-natural, all-vitamin salad is ready!

Disclaimer: Only consume plants you are sure of. Do not use plants you don't recognize or plants that have grown in dubious locations.


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