Automation and employment under scrutiny

Journalists from the Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism, Re:Baltica, have released the latest in a series of features examining the future of Latvia's labor market.

The third installment of the series is titled Will automation bring liveable wages to fast-food restaurant employees? and centers on the experiences of the LIDO fast food chain which went from rapid expansion to the bankruptcy of its founder and back again in one of the most intriguing business stories of recent years.

Much will depend upon the productivity of workers if the Latvian economy is to develop in a sustainable way, but as Re:Baltica notes:

"In Latvia, however, the term has been so overused by politicians and economists alike that it now contains a hollow meaning, causing the audience to yawn and reach for a TV remote control.''

Some officials hope productivity can be increased by means of increased automation: but that might also have knock on effects on unemployment and population loss via migration.

You can read the full report HERE


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