Latvian government approves its own action plan

The new coalition government headed by Prime Minister Evika Siliņa may already have been in power since mid-September and passed several major pieces of legislation including a budget, but only on January 16 did it get around to approving its own plan of action.

Four months into its potentially three-year term in office, Ministers approved the action plan of the government led by Siliņa, which includes "specific measures and achievable results in the priorities of this government's activities - a Latvian, prosperous, safe and inclusive Latvia, which will develop sustainably during demographic, climate, technological and digital changes," according to a government press release.

The action plan is said to correspond to the priorities, goals and tasks already included in the Latvian National Development Plan (NAP) and other policy planning documents.

Government action plan
Government action plan

In its declaration, the government led has set welfare, security and national defense as priorities, as well as promoting the sense of belonging of Latvian citizens – all fairly vague statements of good intent with which few people would argue. The government's declaration also mentions other important goals, such as health care reform, raising the quality of education, supporting entrepreneurship, environmental protection and regional development.

However, the full action plan goes into a bit more detail and envisages the implementation of a total of 269 specific measures, which are aligned with the 40 commitments expressed in the government's declaration. It is intended to implement important reforms in various sectors, promoting the economic well-being and growth of Latvia and its people. The government's action plan is divided into three main priorities, dubbed 'Prosperous Latvia', 'Safe Latvia' and – with perhaps touch of tautology – 'Latvian and inclusive Latvia'.

Prosperous Latvia contains 130 lines of action, Safe Latvia 57, and Latvian Latvia 82. 

"Overall, this action plan demonstrates the government's determination to build a safer and economically stronger country, ensuring sustainable development and prosperity for the people. By using a sustainable approach in various policy areas, the security and economic well-being of Latvia will be promoted, as well as the cohesion and cooperation of society will be strengthened. Funding volumes and specific measures will be determined in accordance with the annual state budget formation process," said the release.

All state institutions must submit to the State Chancellery annually by February 1 and August 1 their current information on the performance of the tasks within their competence  though this year the first deadline has been pushed back to April 15. The State Chancellery has promised to publish the collected information to provide the public with an up-to-date overview of the progress made.


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