Photos: Riga cops arrest woolly jumper

Take note – story published 7 years and 7 months ago

In scenes of unimaginable drama, on November 13 Rīga Municipal Police sprang into action to catch two runaway sheep in the Kleisti area of the Latvian capital.

Police sped to the scene after receiving an unlikely call about 'llamas' roaming the streets.

However the animals were not in fact the long-necked Andean camelids but quite straightforward sheep, which suggests certain residents of Kleisti really need to watch less Animal Planet and take a day trip to the countryside. 

The police quickly tracked down two sheep gambolling around the neighborhood as only sheep can. As for their origin, a local informant told the police about a nearby farmer who keeps the woolly ruminants but who has earned a reputation for not watching his flocks by night.

While waiting for their negligent herdsman to arrive, the police penned in the dim-witted herbivores using local obstacles and their own police van in a display that would have scored big points on classic sheep-herding-as-sport show One Man And His Dog.

Upon arrival the owner placed his car so as to easily fetch his sheep. However, as he went about catching them, one sheep decided to go on the lamb and sprang against the chest of one of the policemen, disproving in the process that only crossing a sheep with a kangaroo can produce a woolly jumper.

It is not known what spooked the sheep, but it may have been a misunderstanding of the word "crook" between shepherd and police.

Riga's finest proved they were up to the task by wrestling the escaping mutton to the ground in a manner that would have done credit to a seasoned Australian sheep-shearer. 

Speaking of seasoning, none of the parties involved was injured, though the incident could easily have ended tragically but tastily.

All of which proves Riga's police are the best baa none.

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