Sunday will be the hottest of the weekend in Latvia

Sunday will be the hottest of the weekend, say the meteorologists.

There is little possibility of rain on Saturday. The weather will be mostly sunny, with a slow, north-westerly wind blowing cooler air from the sea. The temperature is expected to rise to between +22 to +27 degrees Celsius. Near the shore, the temperature will be even lower than +20 degrees C. 

On Sunday, however, a changeful wind will blow, increasing the temperature from +25 to +29 degrees C, cooler near the shore. The risk of thunderstorms will rise on Sunday, with some thunderclouds forming in the Kurzeme region.

At night, the temperature will drop to +10 and +15 degrees.

Next week, the weather will stay warm and mostly sunny. The temperature will range between +20 to +25 degrees C, with little risk of rain and storms.