How to predict the future, according to Latvian solstice beliefs

Solstice and yuletide is the time (at least one of the times) when Latvians knew to watch the weather and the animals to see what next year will bring in terms of harvest and wealth, as well as love and death.

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  • Go to a crossroads on Christmas night, then you will find out what will happen next year.
  • If someone on the Holy Eve comes from the bath naked and looks inside through the window, they will see what happens next year.
  • Run around the house three times on Christmas night, then look inside through the window; if you see a coffin you will die this year, if you see a full table, you'll get married.
  • When lighting the candles on the Christmas tree, keep one in mind; the one whose candle burns out first, will get married first.
  • Young ladies must feed the dog on Christmas eve and then let the dog out. The direction in which the dog will run, will be the one where the girl will be taken to marry.
  • A girl who wants to get married should sweep the floor on Christmas morning, toss the dirt outside, stand on it and yell "Yoo-hoo!" From the direction where the dog will bark, her suitor will come.
  • On Christmas eve, you should put as many pieces of bread on the floor as there are girls in the house, and each must pick a piece. Then call the dog to eat the bread; she whose piece is eaten first will get married first.
  • Go count the fence poles on Christmas night. If the number is even, you'll have to get married that year.
  • Young ladies make the 'silent porridge' at Christmas. While making it, you cannot talk or laugh. The man she sees in her dreams that night will be her suitor. Alternatively, make 'mute pancakes' the same way and the one who comes to eat them will be the suitor. 
  • At midnight on Christmas eve, a young lady must go up to the attic, undress and then look down, and she will see the one she'll marry.
  • On Christmas eve, three girls must come together, each put one of her shoes in a large washing container and then all shake the container. She whose shoe falls out first will get married first.
  • A young man who wants to see her bride must go upstairs on Christmas eve and stand behind the chimney, then he'll see her.
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