Don't joke on payment forms, banks advise

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April 1 may be almost upon us, but anyone in the mood for jokes on bank payment forms is being warned against it by the banks themselves.

Jelena Novaka, Head of Private Communications at SEB, explained that when filling in the fields on a bank payment form “The purpose of a payment is not a place to joke, because sometimes it can be that the payment is important, and that purpose of the payment can be used as proof that the money is sent. Because there may [subsequently] be some lawsuits or other things to prove what this payment was for. ”  

The most important thing to avoid in a payment order is to joke about topics related to very serious violations of the law. So do not be tempted to insert "atom bomb" or "Mafia" as the purpose of the payment. After such witty sallies, it is reasonable to expect that money will be delayed and further enquiries will be made.

Jānis Krops, Swedbank's media relations manager, said that there have been cases when people are dissatisfied by delayed payments, but if you have joked by writing "sexual services", then unfortunately an employee has to check it out.

Also, when transferring money to a loved one, it is best to keep private nicknames and the like of the form, particularly if they are a bit spicy.

Suspicious words are picked by the bank's automatic filters, but the bank's employees are then forced to manually check whether the payment can be safely given the green light.

Jelena Novaka said that the bank employee, who understands that it may have been a joke, still needs to contact the client and ask for an explanation, and it simply delays the whole process.

On the other hand, if you have to congratulate your relatives remotely, without placing the gift in a beautiful envelope, but with a money transfer, the purpose of the payment "gift" is satisfactory, unless the amount is worthy of an oligarch.

"Gifts also have limits. The validity of gifts must be in accordance with our legislation. And some gifts can even be liable for taxes, depending on how you spend it. If there is a gift, then write - it is a gift to your loved one,” recommends Anna Fišere-Kaļķe, Head of Private Services at Citadele Bank in the Baltics.

However, it should be borne in mind that sometimes even a payment order completed in good faith ultimately leads to misunderstandings.

Jānis Krops told about a case when a company of friends planned to go to a concert being given by a well-known rock group. One of the friends bought all the necessary tickets and the friends each sent payment electronically to reimburse the cost. The only trouble was the name of the rock group inserted as the purpose of the payments: "Guns N' Roses".  


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