Central bank offers you The Earth for €85

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Stuck for a Christmas gift for the person who has almost everything? Well, thanks to the Latvian central bank your can give them planet earth in its entirety for the bargain price of €85 - though technically it's only worth €5.

Yes, it's another in the unstoppable series of collector coins gushing forth from the bank's vaults like some kind of numismatic tsunami.

"The collector coin 'The Earth' is made of translucent perlucor with a silver outer ring. The symbolic Earth at the center of the coin points to its place in the system of human values and its existential integrity.

"The jewel-like Earth is enclosed by a diaphanous veil representing the Universe where the planet Earth is floating as an island of life," says the central bank, reaching a new peak of purple prose.

"The material used is perlucor, an extremely innovative ceramic material with extraordinary mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance and excellent optical properties. It is used in laser, military and medical equipment engineering, optical applications and elsewhere," the bank adds.

That makes the coin far better than a copper one. Copper is used for such things as pipes, church roofs, old kettles and wires.

5,000 Earths are being minted (in Lithuania) and will be sold by the central bank at €85 a pop for the coin with a face value of €5.

The publicity material for the coin includes a brief history of astronomy and space exploration, which we shall spare you, but we couldn't pass by this extraordinary piece of information provided by the central bank:

"The Earth, just a tiny grain of dust in the Universe, is the only home for about 7.5 billion people who can enjoy its blue sky and green fields; its forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and seas; its glaciers, deserts and volcanoes; its heavenly peace and ravaging storms. A special coincidence of necessary conditions has given rise to the miracle, which is life."

So yes, the Latvian central bank has confirmed the existence of life on Earth!

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