Latvian 'Work Tinder' aims to match employers and young people

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A similar tool to a dating app is intended to reduce youth unemployment. For three weeks, young people have been able to meet with companies for a 15-minute interview on a new digital platform called “Work Tinder” (Darba Tinderis). For the time being, the project has a high level of youth activity, but the participation of entrepreneurs is less inspiring, Latvian Radio reported May 31.

The newly created platform “” currently involves more than 1,000 job seekers and around 60 companies looking to establish employment relationships. In this way, young people do not have to scroll through vacancies and adjust their CV and cover letter every time, said Gustavs Mārtiņš Upmanis, head of the social company Visas iespējas (All Opportunities).

"This means that they come into our online system and, like the dating app, swipe right or left and find the most relevant candidates, the most relevant companies, and book a short 15-minute digital appointment. We've created a small online interview room for each company, where the young person comes in and speaks for 15 minutes. [..] It's like a video call, just with a few additional visual elements of a game," said Upmanis.

Companies are currently offering very different vacancies on the new platform. Young people, on the other hand, are particularly looking for work in creative professions, such as writing texts, designing, or assisting projects, but a much smaller interest is in carrying out technical or physical works. The project's representatives are looking forward to helping young people with no experience of work, in particular, through the new tool. Young people around the age of 22 are the most likely to apply.

One of the young people who have already tried the app is Dāvis Gavars, who is looking for work in the field of customer service. He describes “Work Tinder” as a convenient tool and also highlights the challenges he has encountered.

"Many companies simply don't respond to applications even with a rejection. This is the biggest problem I see in the labor market right now. I'm mostly looking for a job in customer service [..]. In this sector there are a lot of problems because very many companies simply do not respond. It's the biggest blow to motivation," said Gavars.

Data from the Central Statistical Bureau showed that in the first quarter of this year, the total unemployment rate in Latvia was 6.4%, while the State Employment Agency accounted for 3,570 unemployed young people aged 15-24 in early May. This is 7% of the total number of registered unemployed. Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry spokesman Janis Lielpēteris estimated that the age of applicants for job vacancies from the employer's point of view is not crucial.

"In the youth segment, unemployment rates are slightly higher than overall in the economy. From the employers side, the difference is not so crucial [..] At the same time, it is clear that young people, while growing and developing in such a global context and also seeing what is happening beyond Latvia's borders, often are more demanding towards employers. Of course, the employer needs to respond accordingly, they are very flexible, and they are also seeking, where possible, solutions that are certainly very important for the new generation in the context of the employment relationship," said Lielpēteris.

The online platform “” will be open until June 9, and it is scheduled to be repeated in the autumn, possibly by attracting higher education establishments. Platform developers are testing the new tool for the time being, but hope to build it into a permanently open platform in the future.

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