Going to Lithuania from Latvia? Know the new rules!

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With the border between Latvia and Lithuania now open again, many Latvian residents are thinking of making a trip south. But before going, it's worth reading up on the latest rules and regulations with which it will be necessary to comply. This is the information supplied by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Lithuanian government website and features several changes taking effect today, May 18.

Be aware that border checks are still taking place, so make sure you ave your identity documents to hand when crossing the border.


Since 11 May, Lithuania has allowed entry of Polish nationals arriving for the purpose of work, business or studies. As of 15 May, persons lawfully residing in the Republic of Poland are allowed to enter the country, provided that they have not travelled outside the Republic of Poland in the past 14 days before the entry to the Republic of Lithuania. 14 days’ isolation will not apply to them.

The same is true of the citizens of Latvia and Estonia coming to Lithuania, as well as to persons lawfully residing in these countries.

Another exception as regards entry to the country has been made for journalists entering the Republic of Lithuania at the permission of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, 14 days’ isolation will not apply to them.


Everyone over the age of 6 will be required to wear nose and mouth covers at the marketplace, and other trading venues, events, excursions, and public transport boarding points. Also in public indoor areas, except when eating and drinking in public catering establishments and exercising.

In all other cases, nose and mouth covers (face masks, respirators) will not be required but are still recommended. 

Given the favourable epidemiological situation, groups of up to 5 people will be allowed to gather in public spaces. Earlier it was no more than 2 people.


The Government previously agreed that, starting from 18 May, it would be possible to organise outdoor events with no more than 30 participants. The organisers would be required to ensure a safe social distancing, i.e. 10 square metres per participant and at least 2 meters distance between the people.

The Government has gone further and decided to relax the restrictions further in future: as of 30 May, the events will be allowed to happen indoors and outdoors with a maximum of 30 spectators and an area of ​​at least 5 square meters per person is ensured. The distance of at least 2 meters between people will have to be ensured.

As of 30 May, outdoor and indoor high-performance athletic competitions will be allowed without the participation of spectators.

This is also the date when private celebrations will be allowed to resume in public outdoor and indoor spaces with no more than 30 persons participating in the celebration.


Restrictions will continue for visiting cultural, leisure, entertainment and sports facilities. As of 18 May, restrictions will relax for outdoor leisure activities, providing for at least 5 sq. m. of space (previously 10) per person and the distance of at least 2 m (previously 10) between people and/or groups of people.

It has been decided to allow larger groups (5) to visit and have excursions to educational trails, observation towers, parks, zoos and botanical gardens located in open areas,

Restrictions will be partly lifted of visits and excursions to archives, libraries and museums. In all the cases at least 5 sq. m. of space per visitor and the distance of at least 2 m between people must be ensured.

From 18 May, cafes, restaurants, bars and other indoor entertainment venues will be able to open. They will be allowed to stay open 8 a.m. To 10 pm. No such restrictions will apply in the case of takeways or outdoor cafes.

More lenient requirements have been offered for sports clubs. In all cases, an area of ​​5 square meters instead of 10 as before will have to be ensured per person, and a distance of at least 2 meters between groups of people instead of the previous 10 meters. This requirement will take effect as of 18 May.

The Government has also given green light for casinos and arcades to reopen (8 a.m. to 10 p.m.) This provision will take effect as of 18 May.

As of 30 May, health centres providing recreational services will reopen.

As of 18 May, restrictions will relax for sailing on small, recreational, sports, private and conventional vessels and other floating equipment or means. When sailing in groups of more than 5 people, (previously 2) keeping the distance of at least 1 m.


Regular passenger flights to international airports of the Republic of Lithuania shall only be allowed on the routes that have been approved to resume by the Government at the recommendation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs. 

Non-scheduled flights carrying more than 10 passengers to international airports of the Republic of Lithuania shall fall subject to an individual permission to operate issued by the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration

The lockdown will continue from 16 March 2020, 00:00, until 31 May 2020, 24:00.

More information in English on coronavirus and regulations in Lithuania is available at: www.koronastop.lt/en/

We also suggest you check for the latest news with our colleagues at LRT English.


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