Special Report: Asphalt in Alūksne

Following the publication of our feature about potholes earlier July 14, we were surprised to receive a furious reaction from one reader who accused us of slandering the fair city of Alūksne by using a picture of potholes there that he claims no longer exist.

Ever anxious to check our facts, we immediately sent our editor to Alūksne. Here is his account of the trip. The results may surprise you.

Part 1: Send all available units to Alūksne

Scramble all available units! We need to check out those potholes.

Aluksne part 1Mike Collier/LSM



    Part 2: Getting close to Alūksne

    The roads near Alūksne are quite good. But let's not rush to conclusions, it could be a classic 'town and country' division.

    Approaching AluksneMike Collier/LSM



      Part 3: The city limits

      First impressions of the road surface in Alūksne. Acceptable. Certainly acceptable.

      City limitsMike Collier/LSM



        Part 4: Dedication to road surfacing

        I'm starting to understand why they are so sensitive about the whole road surfacing issue in Alūksne. It is clearly a major employer.

        Road surfacing works everywhereMike Collier/LSM




          Part 5: This is getting a bit spooky...

          It may not just be a major employer. It may be a civic obsession!

          This is getting a bit spookyMike Collier/LSM




            Part 6: Forensic detail

            LSM hits the mean streets on foot in search of road surface imperfections. 

            Trudging the streets in search of potholesMike Collier/LSM




              Part 7: The verdict

              Did we 'dis' Alūksne or not? The result may surprise you! Or it may not.

              The verdict from AluksneMike Collier/LSM

                [Special thanks to the helpful staff of Alūksne library for letting us file this report from the second floor]

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