Trump praises Latvian-made golf glove

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US President Donald Trump lavished praise April 1 on a Latvia-made golf glove, crediting the five-fingered leather accessory with improving his handicap.

In an interview with Golfing First! magazine, the enthusiastic teesman and President of the United States of America said the glove had radically improved his tendency to shank in the rough and expressed admiration for the manufacturer of the glove, which is based in the small Latvian town of Balvi.

"A guy, like, you know, recommended this glove. Great golfer. Bernhard Langer. Personal friend. Awesome. Anyhow, he said 'Donald, get the glove. Get the glove!' What glove? I said, you know, like, nothing made in uh, China, I will not buy a Chinese glove. The Chinese are murdering us over golf equipment, did you know that?" the leader of the free world, who has a handicap of 7, told the magazine.

"And I was, like, woah! This glove. This glove! Totally revolutionary. Great shaft control. Maximum grip. I'm talking, rock solid," said Trump.

"I want another one," the former celebrity quipped in the interview, "I mean, if it puts me two under par on the opening nine, maybe with two I could, you know reach scratch and turn pro," he added.

The maker of the glove which houses the digit that may one day press the nuclear button said he was surprised to learn his stitching was providing executive pleasure at Mar-el-Lago on a bi-weekly basis.

Norberts Riekstins, whose company 'Adata' manufactures bespoke leather goods from a temporary structure not far from the Russian border, told LSM he was not aware that the President of the US was a fan.

"My most popular item is a sling that allows you to carry five bottles of Livu beer at a time. That is enough for anyone," said Riekstins. "The glove is not even designed for golf. It is for taking rupjmaize (traditional Latvian rye bread) out of the oven. I have no idea how he got it."

That question was answered by LSM which revealed a design outlet on trendy Miera Street in Riga is selling Riekstins' gloves for $250 each or $520 the pair, apparently without the artisan leatherworker's knowledge.

"We buy them, we sell them. What's wrong with that? It's capitalism. Yes, we had an order from address on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, but I cannot reveal the name of the client. She said the glove would be a present to celebrate something," explained Avrila Fule, owner of the Bardaks design outlet.

Asked what size of glove was ordered, Fule replied: "Extra small."

Whatever the true origin of the high-profile celebrity endorsement, one thing is certain: this is another Latvian export success story and it will soon be boom time in Balvi, currently on the front line in the face-off between NATO and Russia.

Trump has repeatedly warned against the danger of FAKE NEWS, a warning likely to be repeated on this of all days.

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