Voting continues in European elections across Latvia

Despite technical problems that have hit the voting system, people continued to cast ballots in early voting in the European Parliamentary elections May 24, ahead of main polling day on May 25.

According to the Central Election Commission (CVK), people could vote ONLY at the polling station in their registered place of residence and not at other polling stations, which had previously been possible. However later in the day the CVK said the ability to vote at other polling stations had been rectified.

By the end of the day, turnout from early voting stood at just over 11%.

As a result of the technical issues, a special Saeima ruling extended voting hours on Friday from 16:00 until 20:00. On Saturday the polls will be open from 07:00 until 20:00 and again voting will only be possible at the ward in which an individual is registered.

If you are unsure where to vote, you can check your details online via the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

For more details on the elections themselves, the Central Election Commission has its website regularly updated, too - barring any future technical problems.


Roy Walker Walker
Thanks Mike. I've already checked on the PMLP site and I am registered to vote, but not in the Euro election. I have voted in this election in the past and when I did, I was also sent a letter beforehand, which I understand they are obliged to do, asking whether I wished to vote in Latvia or the UK. This time I received no letter. This is info from the EU liaison office for EU citizens in the UK: "....if you are already registered to vote local councils should send you this form automatically so you should not need to do anything other than just fill it in when you get it."
Roy Walker Walker
There are a number of articles in the UK media about EU citizens being denied the right to vote, which they have according to EU law, in the UK EU polls. Despite having lived in Latvia for 10 years, I have also been denied the right to vote here. I would be interested in knowing whether this is just me or all UK/EU citizens resident in Latvia.
Mike Collier Collier
Hello Roy. According to the CVK: "Latvian citizens are automatically included in the Electoral Register, but citizens of other EU member states staying in Latvia and wishing to use their electoral right in Latvia must register with the Central Election Commission till the 30th day before Election Day." This may explain why you could not vote if you did not register. More information here: [...............]
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