Ministry funds diaspora research

On 3 June, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Latvia signed an agreement in support of studies to be carried out by the Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research in 2017, the ministry said in a release.

"In cooperation with the Foreign Ministry, the Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research intends to undertake two studies: 'Engagement and Promotion of Cooperation with the Diaspora Scientists' and 'Provision of Information on the Latvian Labour Market to the Diaspora'," the statement said.

 The Ministry has allocated EUR 16 521.75 for the task.

The University of Latvia Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research was established in 2014.

"Studies undertaken at the Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research are vital for policy makers and those implementing the diaspora policy, as well as for Latvian society as a whole. The research aims at further exploring diaspora-related matters in order to provide intellectual support for the Foreign Ministry and other public authorities and state-owned enterprises in Latvia," the ministry said.   

Interestingly, the studies also appear to have a marketing role, at least partially, which the ministry saying they will "help establish contacts and build cooperation with scientists of Latvian origin, as well as presenting employment conditions in Latvia to compatriots abroad."

For more information, visit the website of the Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research.


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