How has Latvia helped Ukraine?

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The Latvian government on February 23 updated its list of the various ways in which help has been provided to Ukraine over the last twlelve months. The list is reproduced below for reference.


Military support

  • Government of Latvia

    • Military equipment worth about EUR 370 000 000 – drones, helicopters, howitzers, weapons and personal equipment, dry food rations, ammunition, anti-tank weapons, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, fuel, etc.

  • Latvian society and non-governmental sector

    • EUR 8 300 000 for Ukraine’s defence needs ( – quadricycles, generators, chainsaws etc.

    • >EUR 3 000 000 in donations from Latvia’s business community Businesses for Peace (Uzņēmēji mieram)

    • 1000 off-road vehicles delivered to Ukraine (Twitter Convoy)

    • volunteers in the foreign legion of Ukraine’s army

Humanitarian aid

  • Government of Latvia

    • > EUR 2 700 000 in response to requests for assistance by the Government of Ukraine (medical devices, incl. for preparation of blood products, equipment, medicines, ambulances, stretchers, microscopes, dressings, foil blankets, treatment, rehabilitation and psychosocial support for > 130 injured soldiers, etc.), support for critical infrastructure as well as support to independent media

    • EUR 184 000 support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to victims of hostilities, in cooperation with the Businesses for Peace, ensuring the reconstruction of houses in Chernihiv oblast

    • EUR 365 000 for development cooperation projects of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine in support of rehabilitation of victims of Russia's war, as well as Ukraine’s Euro-integration process and reforms

    • Equipment of the State Fire and Rescue Service (helmets, pressure conductors, tubes, special protective clothing for firefighters, etc.) and essential material equipment for the Emergency Service of Ukraine

    • 20 vehicles and other items from the State Police and the State Border Guard, including buses, drones, armoured vests, helmets, chemical costumes and kits for removal of shooting traces necessary for the work of experts at the scene

    • A bus filled with thermal underwear, heating elements, boots, socks, generators, etc. donated by residents in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and Businesses for Peace

    • Health improvement camp for 24 Ukrainian children whose parents -  police officers, are victims of war

  • Latvian society and non-governmental sector 

    • Local governments (Rīga, Valmiera, Ogre, Valka, Preiļi, etc.) help twinning cities in Ukraine

    • A team of microsurgeons from Latvia

    • provides support to hospitals by sending medical supplies, equipment and medicines worth EUR 2 000 000

    • > EUR 5 900 000 of humanitarian aid - more than 100 cargoes to all regions of Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (EUR 4 200 000 humanitarian aid by, as well as Businesses for PeaceEasy to Help (Viegli palīdzēt), LIKTA, Your Friends (Tavi draugi), To You (Tev), Our Nest (Mūsu ligzda)

    • Latvian journalists leave for Ukraine to report on the war

    • Competent authorities of Latvia gather evidence of war crimes in Ukraine             

Aid for war refugees

  • Government of Latvia

    • Up to EUR 116 000 000 for the Refugee Support Action Plan

    • Accommodation paid by the State for 60 or 120 days and meals for 30 days; longer accommodation for vulnerable groups

    • Personal identity number assigned to ~ 45 000 civilians of Ukraine; ~ 39 000 residence documents (visas and residence permits) issued with the right to employment

    • From 1 January 2023, temporary residence permits are issued to civilians of Ukraine for a period of two years

    • 2152 Ukrainian civilians have temporarily been accommodated in the Asylum Seekers Centre of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

    • 11 310 Ukrainian civilians have been accommodated with the support of local governments

    • Guaranteed Minimum Income Allowance - EUR 109 (EUR 76 for a family member)

    • EUR 272 one-off crisis allowance for an adult (EUR 190 for a child)

    • EUR 620 grant for start-up employment or self-employment (11 155 employment and 121 self-employment start-up allowances)

    • Under the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived for > 36 000 Ukrainian people: at least 78 000 food packages, at least 47 000 hygiene and household goods packages, 7 600 educational supplies packages

    • Average monthly childcare allowance for about 450 children, family state allowance for about 6 000 children

    • single birth allowance for 111 newborns until December 2022

    • Disability has been determined in Latvia for 375 adults and 97 children, providing an opportunity to receive support to reduce the consequences of disability in the form of benefits and services

    • An emergency guardian appointed for 1 000 unaccompanied children, paying support to the guardian

    • Over 737,000 free rides provided to Ukrainian civilians in regional public transport

    • Passenger fare relief in local governments — 11 000 Ukrainian civilians have been granted a 100 % discount in Rīga

    • More than 120 Ukrainian civilians have been registered in the Taxi Drivers' Register under facilitated conditions

    • 1260 accounts opened free of charge in the payment system of Latvijas Pasts for Ukrainians

    • A scholarship fund for Ukrainian students and researchers up to EUR 522 000 for education and continuity of scientific research

    • A scholarship of EUR 140 for students at all study levels enrolled in public or private higher education institutions of Latvia

    • Ukrainian researchers who have internships or are employed in the Latvian scientific institutions and do not receive other types of scholarships receive a research scholarship of EUR 900 per month for the conduct of a scientific study

    • Ukrainian National Multi-Subject Test in Riga, which was passed in August 2022 by more than 200 Ukrainian students who planned to enrol in the undergraduate programmes of Ukrainian universities

    • As of the academic year 2021/2022, Ukrainian children acquire education in the official language (Latvian) or minority language

    • Ukrainian) in pre-school education, primary education and general secondary education.

    • Minor Ukrainian civilians continue to acquire previously launched vocational education

    • An individual study plan has been developed for each Ukrainian child/student

    • Educational institutions receive funding of EUR 257 per month for additional responsibilities of teachers who work with Ukrainian pupils

    • EUR 50 per year for the purchase of teaching aids for each educational institution teaching children of Ukrainian refugees

    • Summer camps for Ukrainians in the summer 2022

    • Information on the provision of education for Ukrainian civilians on the websites of educational institutions

    • Educational establishments of Latvia enrol: 1 496 children in pre-school education, 2 797 children in general education, 110 students in vocational education, 300 children in sports schools, 317 students.

  • Latvian society and non-governmental sector

    • Housing, volunteering, humanitarian aid, support, information provision, cultural, sports and community building activities, Latvian language learning, events for children and young people, etc.

    • Broad support for Ukrainian people in all local governments of Latvia

    • Donations by Latvian entrepreneurs

    • > EUR 2 000 000 — hygiene products, small household appliances, warm soup ( and individual support in cases of disease or socially acute cases for Ukrainian families - treatment, rehabilitation

    • > EUR 800 000 donated in public media charity marathon “High Five!” to support Ukrainian refugees in Latvia

    • > 115 humanitarian aid points across Latvia

    • Free offers for Ukrainian people by businesses and NGOs

    • Website: Ukrainians in Riga

    • Advise, guidelines and other information on rental dwelling at:

International contributions

  • EUR 7 297 277 (European Peace Facility, the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the International Criminal Court, UN Children’s Fund, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UN Women Ukraine, NATO Comprehensive Assistance Package for Ukraine, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL), initiative “Grain from Ukraine”, etc.)


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