Latvians more open to other cultures than they think

Latvians are more open to people from other cultures than they themselves think, said professor Guntis Zemītis, head of the Latvian University History Institute on Latvian Television Monday.

To support this claim, the professor referred to a recent survey that students had worked on. It included more than 1,000 respondents from all the regions of Latvia.

The research shows that the Latvian society is concentrated inwards - towards family, safety and work. Accordingly, judging what people from other cultures could threaten, the respondents primarily thought of these values - family and safety.

"While values such as national identity and religion are quite far removed. The younger the people, the less meaning religion holds," said the professor.

"I think - we are even more open [to other cultures] than we ourselves thought," said Zemītis.

More than half of the respondents completely or partially accept that people from other cultures could become their family members.

While a provocative question - whether they'd accept if the large flag was carried by someone from another culture - was only supported by 7%.

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I find it very interesting that Latvians often speak out against active racism yet readily practice passive racism without a second thought. Also of note is that when people in Latvia encounter racism they rarely speak up against it. There seems to be a pervasive attitude of 'it's not against me so it's not my problem.' Odd for a nation that is so sensitive to how others perceive them.
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