Listen to the news in simple Latvian

From May 30 Latvian Radio starts airing news in simplified Latvian language each day. It should help people who have trouble understanding regular news and language learners keen to improve their comprehension skills.

News in simple language uses short sentences which are spoken slowly. That is why it is easy to understand.

The Sustento organization made the news in simple Latvian working with the Simple Language Agency and Latvian Radio.

News in simple language schemes are popular in Scandinavia. Now you can hear them in Latvian.

Click here to listen. The news is there and so is the text.

You can hear the news on Latvian Radio at 11 p.m. each day.

Great idea...but I can't find a link to the news. Is it me?
Okay I found the link. I just needed to scroll down further. I am loving this.
What about news in Simple Latvian on the TV with subtitles? Finnish TV has it for Simple Finnish - see YLE Uutiset selkosuomeksi.
You got me on that one, Pedonticus! :)
One thing that would really help LV language learners is the Latvians they have daily contact with not automatically switching to EN/RU/CN or whatever when a foreigners is trying to speak LV with them. I understand that people are trying to be helpful when switching from LV, but it makes it difficult for others to learn.
I completely agree...
But what is CN? Cantonese?
As a Latvian language learner, this is absolutely great. P.S: Latvian Univ Language Centre - this is what you should spread with language students, instead of what you are doing now.
Bravo! :) That's a great idea!
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