What links Immanuel Kant, fake news, Donald Trump and a Latvian MEP?

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In the final part of a three-part investigation of Kremlin-backed misinformation and propaganda directed against the Baltic states, the investigative journalism group Re:Baltica reveals the influence of a Baltic-bashing Russian 'expert' whose views are circulated widely via ideologically-aligned social media networks.

Titled Small Time Propagandists, the report first examines Aleksandr Nosovich, a self-styled expert on the Baltic states and "international journalist" as well as being author of snappily-titled Why the Baltic states are dying out and what must presumably be its sequel Why the Baltic states failed.

His work is reproduced on news site Rubaltic.ru, which "operates as an aggressive Baltic irritant and a producer of biased content to influence and misinform the less educated Russian-speaking residents of the Baltic states,” according to Andis Kudors, a director of Latvia-based Center for East European Policy Studies.

"Rubaltic.ru is another cog in the Kremlin’s Baltic disinformation machine, a series of little known websites sitting on the outskirts of the public debate pumping out negative stories or outright falsehoods on events in the Baltic states," says Re:Baltica.

"The stories are spread via social media and republished on marginal Russian websites and later picked up by some Baltic media. Readers looking for news in Russian on the Baltic states have to wade through a swamp of misinformation and manufactured news funded by this Kremlin-friendly network."

Rubaltic.ru resembles a news portal yet operates under the auspices of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad, Russia, Re:Baltica reveals. 

Re:Baltica then delves into the previous professional records of contributors to Rubaltic.ru and its interesting means of financing via money given for the organization of summer camps.

Among those acting as an "instructor" at the summer camps is Latvian MEP and former journalist Andrejs Mamikins, who was recently recorded shaking the hand of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and visiting a Russian airbase in Syria, as reported by LSM

Read the full report from Re:Baltica HERE.

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