Global disaster could be great news for Latvia

Take note – story published 7 years ago

While global warming has the potential to cause unprecedented suffering, famine, species extinction, water wars and assorted other headaches across large swathes of the world, it also offers economic opportunities for Latvia, according to LSM's resident weatherman, Toms Bricis. 

The silver lining of the darkest cloud since the disappearance of the dinosaurs is the potential for economic development in Latvia, writes Bricis saying:

"We can't ignore the need to prepare for benefits too. Climate change can bring economic stimulus and affect the quality of life of Latvian residents in other ways."

The upbeat assessment of the approaching apocalypse comes as a result of Toms' analysis of a European Environment Agency report of January 25 with the somewhat unpromising title: "Climate change poses increasingly severe risks for ecosystems, human health and the economy in Europe".

Yet buried among a long list of widespread floods, severe droughts, heat waves and changes in the distribution of deadly epidemics comes the great news that:

"Some regions may also experience some positive impacts, such as improving conditions for agriculture in parts of northern Europe." 

Latvia is in northern Europe. Result!

An accompanying graphic shows Latvia among countries expected to enjoy increased crop yields, decreased heating costs, more potential for hydropower generation and even an increase in summer tourism, while the rest of Europe boils or is washed away. 

However, it's not all good news, as there will also be more forest pests (tick species, the Asian tiger mosquito and other disease carriers increasing the risk of Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis, West Nile fever, dengue, chikungunya and leishmaniasis) and extreme precipitation.

With less snow and ice cover, Latvia's traditional winter sports will also be completely ruined, but on the other hand beach volleyball, which we are quite good at, will probably get a lot more popular.

As Toms Bricis points out: "For the Baltic states and Scandinavia, the list of bad things is shorter than the benefits," whereas the Mediterranean countries will really get stiffed big-time.

Yet dreams of a Baltic Riviera where it's all cocktails and chiffon like the Cote d'Azur in winter will be disappointed because as Toms reminds us: "Winter darkness will not be reduced, because the Earth will continue to rotate at the same angle and at the same speed around the sun."

You can download the full report HERE and draw up your own list of pros and cons for Doomsday. But be warned: it is 424 pages long, so you might drown before reaching the end.


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