Renowned actress Velga Vīlipa dies at the age of 78

On April 2 the famous actress Velga Vīlipa died at the age of 78, relatives told Latvian Radio.

She died of disease; her death was not sudden. 

A beloved actress in Latvia, where the performing arts receive quite a lot of attention, Vīlipa was born on February 1940 in the family of actress Elvīra Bramberga and poet Pāvils Vīlips.

She is known for her roles in the 50s films Nauris and Šķēps un roze (The Spear and the Rose). She also performed at the acclaimed Daile Theater and the Youth Theater. 

Vīlipa had two sons, Tils and Kristaps. Her husband was actor Edgars Liepiņš.

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