Number of government employees down 4% in two years

Within the past two years, the number of public servants has gone down 4.11%, or 1,708 people, as part of a drive to curb inefficient bureaucracy, said Director of the State Chancellery Jānis Citskovskis appearing on Latvian Radio September 17.

Meanwhile he said that it's planned to increase wages in the public sector to at least 80% of the private sector equivalent.

Citskovskis claimed that the reduced staff number is mostly due to restructuring resources, with vacancies for terminated posts not being announced after a servant leaves office. But there are cases where servants have been laid off, he said. 

He said that the savings should be used to increase wages for hiring better professionals. He said that he will ask for a bill to be introduced over public sector wages. 

It is expected professionals will be paid 80% of the private sector equivalent. Currently, according to research carried out together with the Fonte company, wages in the public sector can be 50% smaller than in the private sector. 

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