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Local production thrives in Skujene smart village
Two years ago, the idea of a smart village was launched in the parish of Skujene, Amata municipality – the basic idea is to involve the local community to improve the environment of their lives. And the village is thriving, said Latvian Radio August 25.
Experience the ecstasy of ultimate Latvian potato pancakes!
Our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, is back with another video. This time she is revealing the simple pleasures of the humble Latvian potato pancake in what is not merely a normal Latvian potato pancake tutorial but the ULTIMATE Latvian potato pancake tutorial.
Latvian melons conquer the fruit market
This week, Latvian-grown melons are starting to appear in stores and markets. There will also be watermelons in a couple of weeks. Latvia can grow these large fruit tasty enough to compete with produce from warmer lands, Latvian Television reported August 3. 
Latvia goes mushroom mad at the Central Market
Mushroom hunting might just be the Latvian national sport - and with sport comes competition, even combat. Consumers and sellers at the Central Market of Riga are currently embroiled in a heated debate about mushroom prices, Latvian Television reported July 16.
Latvian mozzarella recipe for Midsummer
Mozzarella is native to Italy, but it can also be made in a Latvian-ish Midsummer style. Recipe for the cheese is shared by Inga Āriņa-Vilne, co-founder of Ādažu cheese company Soira.  
Buckwheat soup in 10 minutes!
Many homes in Latvia are well-stocked with buckwheat since the pandemic began. When in doubt - make soup, says restaurant Entrosol chef Raimonds Zommers.
Hunt for chicken of the woods
Mushrooms are already springing up in the woods of Latvia, was told on June 9 by the mycologist of the Latvian Natural Museum Inita Dāniele. 
Latvian cake expert makes welcome entry in Germany's Black Forest
A Latvian family is in charge of a cafe and a hotel in the Oppenau town surrounded by the Black Forest mountain range. Elīze Zaļuma is known far and wide for the cakes she bakes, and guests like the place for its cozy ambiance and welcoming hosts.
Buckwheat popcorn: explode your lockdown supplies!
Mid-March saw Latvian residents rushing to empty grocery store shelves of buckwheat (or griķi to give it its proper Latvian name). What to do with it all now, as we're pretty sure you haven't eaten it yet?
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