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Food Union cuts ties with Russia and Belarus
The Latvian-based food producer group Food Union has cut "all ties with partners and Russia and also in Belarus", Latvian Television's investigative broadcast Forbidden Method reported March 14.
Cido Group stops exports to Russia and Belarus
In connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Latvian beverage producer Cido Group has stopped exports to Russia and Belarus, Cido said in a release March 11.
No need to get salty, retailers assure public
Following the imposition of sanctions on Russia and Belarus, as well as the Ukrainian decision to ban exports of some food groups, stores have observed a spike in demand for foods with a long shelf life, especially salt. Retailers surveyed by regional television ReTV on March 8 say Latvia is not short of salt.
Latvia sixth in EU for organic farming
Latvia ranks in sixth place among European Union countries when it comes to the proportion of agricultural area used for organic farming, according to Eurostat data released February 22.
Latvian bakery company taps into gluten-free production
Specially manufactured gluten-free products available in Latvia are mostly produced abroad. Latvian baked goods company Ludzas maiznīca is starting to explore the niche and manufacturing gluten-free baked goods locally, Latvian Radio reported February 18.
40% of Latvia's grain exports last year went to Nigeria
Provisional data published by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) February 17 show that in 2021, the cereal area being farmed in Latvia increased by 22.7 thousand hectares or 3 %, but prolonged heat and drought resulted in the lowest cereal yield in three years – 38.6 quintals per hectare.
Latvian companies promise to produce 'healthier' food
The Ministry of Health (VM), Latvian Federation of Food Companies (LPUF) and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LTRK) signed a cooperation memorandum on improving food composition, according to VM's information of February 4.
Catering industry body calls for ongoing state support
Restaurant managers are calling for an immediate decision on the resumption of the catering industry after the currentl lockdown ends, as well as for the provision of long-term state support, the Latvian Restaurant Association (LRB) said November 4, the LSM Latvian language service reports.
Latvia harvests its first-ever saffron
October and November is the time of the harvest of the most expensive spice in the world – saffron. This autumn, the first-ever harvest of saffron has also been gathered in Latvia, Priekuļi, Latvian Radio October 23.
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