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Tea growing business in Latvia
Solstice is a magical time, nature is in full bloom, and this means that it is the right time to harvest various plants and herbs to put in your cuppa. How successful is the tea-growing business in Latvia? Latvian Radio spoke to experts on June 22.
Latvia's historic Cold Pine Cone Soup makes a comeback
It has been attributed as the cause of many things, from Latvians' tall stature and fair hair to their somewhat introverted and reserved emotional nature, but whatever the truth of such claims, one thing is sure: for any self-respecting son (or daughter) of the forest, nothing says 'April is here at last!' better than a bowl of Cold Pine Cone Soup (Priežu čiekuru auksta zupa).  
Birch juice forecast: excellent!
While to some the phrase "Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!" is the highlights of the drinks calendar, to Latvians the equivalent is something like "Tek bērzu sula!" [The birch juice is flowing!].
Buyout among the beer barrels
One of Latvia's best-known brands of beer is being bought by a Finnish brewing group that already has another popular Latvian beer in its portfolio.
Is cabbage juice healthy? Answer provided.
It is a question that may, or may not, have wracked the minds of philosophers from Aristotle onwards. Now LSM, via the LTV show 'Pārtikas revidents' (Health checker) can provide an answer to the ancient conundrum: "Is cabbage juice good for you or not?" 
Raise a glass to the Baltics' most interesting drinks!
Baltic fields, meadows and forests may not bear mangos, papaya or pineapples, but they are home to other tasty local fruits and berries. And a special tree that swells with a healthy elixir in early spring. All of them provide the raw material for simple, organic and natural drinks that are widely popular in the Baltics and also enjoyed abroad.
What do Latvians eat for breakfast?
Data compiled by Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC) shows that 77.8% of Latvians eat breakfast regularly. But what is commonly found on the plate? Latvian Television broadcast Pārtikas revidents surveyed the public for answers.
Making an ant's nest the Irregular Latvian way
Need something to occupy your time under lockdown? How about making an ant's nest and then eating it? That's the latest suggestion from our favorite YouTuber, Anete Germane, also known as the "Irregular Latvian".
Shiitake mushrooms grow by the ton at a Latvian farm
Trubenieki farm in Jelgava municipality is the largest producer of shiitake mushrooms in Latvia. Owner Jānis Volksons said 300-500 kilograms of mushrooms grow in a month on his farm, Latvian Television said September 20.
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